Tuesday, May 27, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND - "The first question Negroponte asks of a development like virtual reality is whether there is a market for it. If a market exists, someone will inevitably exploit it, so it's pointless to ask, 'Do we need this?' or 'How might this harm us?' "the consumer" is a cheerful omnipresence in Negropante's book, a most-favored arbitrator." From Johnathan Franzen's, "The Reader in Exile"

QUOTE II - "Nobody is a total loss. They can be a bad example." Source unknown


The Plain Dealer reports this week that the city of Cleveland wants to take control of the chapel at the airport because it is too Catholic. A representative of the American Civil Liberties Union Christine Link, said of the chapel, which the diocese spent $300,000 to renovate and who also pays rent on the space, that it is not vague enough to be on public property. "I remember going in and seeing this man hanging on a cross and thinking, 'How nondenominational is this chapel?'"


Anonymous said...

I read this article as well....our sad times!

Another thing that astounds me is that I don't ever remember seeing any signs in the Airport for the Chapel. I don't remember any signs in any Airport for a chapel (Columbus, Phoenix, Dulles, Dallas-Ft.Worth, etc.).

Of course, it could be that at that time I was not interested in finding the chapel anyway. (??) LM

Anonymous said...

Ugh, those dreadful Catholics, always pointing to self-less and unconditional Love in some way or another. What's an ACLUie to do? And what'll those Babylon beasties do next, buy some serious televised air time to be sneakily slipped in between all those helpful and instructive reality shows, like court tv and brat camp and "who's the father of my baby," and that of Eckhart Tolle's newest groupie? (I hope to God no one here took that seriously; no doubt, it's how many folks feel these days.)

I've been in a hospital chapel here in the extreme Northeast, and was a tad confused -- there was a kneeler, a Corpus-less cross, a menorah, a sprig of something (for Wiccans?), two or three prayer books, two or three Bibles tho' if there was a Qu'ran or a Torah, I didn't know, and at least one "When bad things happen to good people." It was so very pc, I went outside to pray.

*sigh.. The attack on the Church in Ohio surprises me..but I guess Ohio is just far enough west to want to still be clinging to its own laws and posses?

It's disheartening. Every time you mention your good bishop, a man no one envied in his position back here, I am reminded of the words of the gentle Franciscan who was to come. It was in the midst of the abuse scandal and gay marriage demands and Catholicless Catholic college, and he would have to close churches as well as schools, AND meet with victim personally and do something for them.. he mentioned that he was so overwhelmed, he'd have preferred to die. I quite understand. What a job the Body has before it, with ever fewer laborers, so that the goldenhearts among us have to work 3 times as hard.

Well, there's my ray of sunshine delivered for the day. :-p

May the God of the Harvest triply strengthen the High Priest's priests, now, and doubly Boanerge all the Faithful..


paramedicgirl said...

I guess that story is for real? Sounds like the fellow walks around in a daze.

Anonymous said...

That's really sad. I always try to leave an extra bit of time in my travel schedule so I can make a visit. It'd be great if they moved the chapel outside security so more people had access to it, but I do wonder if I'd feel like I was in church as I do at that chapel, or if I'd be in a room with a few prayer books and a couple chairs. The former sounds great; the latter sounds blah.