Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!


"From the time of the first apostles up to our own day, men and women have heard the resounding call of the Master, “Follow me”. This dynamic program features priests, nuns, and religious discussing how they responded to that call, and what it has meant for them to let go of the world and live for Christ alone." This is about a show on EWTN which, Adoro tells me, is on at 5:00AM! Too bad! But it sounds like somthing to investigate for those of you discerning a vocation.

Habemus Papem sent this over about a new blog! "I am a newly ordained priest in the Diocese of Cleveland currently serving at St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Parma, OH." Congratulations Father and good luck and God's blessings on your blog!
Adoro also says go here to MSNBC and vote and mess up their expected results for a call for women priests in the Catholic Church.

Jay is blushing from excitement that Catholic Carnival 174 is up!

Frank sent this in. Up close you see Einstein, but step back (and squint) you will see Marilyn Monroe. Sort of.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from graduation. Will enjoy next Sunday much more since this is the last week of school!!! Just found out one of our grads is going to Borromeo next year. B. told me he met him playing basketball. Didn't tell me it was basketball with guys at the seminary and that E. was going there next year!!


Liz said...

hey if i take my glasses off and squint i see marilyn :) hah

Anonymous said...

I knew it! There's a little bit of Einstein in all of us!

I've got his eyebrows! (Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..heh..)

I should never look in here before bed --I'm gonna have to sleep with the lights on, now. (But first, the carnival.)