Wednesday, May 7, 2008


10. The Catholic faith not only respects my intellect, it demands me to engage it.

9. The Catholic faith places at the pinnacle my freedom. It forces nothing on me, only validly recognizes states that I freely choose, and respects my right to walk out the door.

8. The Catholic faith sets a high bar for me to achieve. It believes in me and never panders to me. But the Catholic faith also understands I may fail miserably and provides ways for me to readily come back if I am sincere in doing so. Even if it is a hundred times a year.

7. The Catholic Church stands almost alone in assuming that because I am, from the moment of my conception, I am worth something, that I have dignity, was made to be good, made in the image and likeness of my Father, and am thus worthy of all its respect and protection. And that it loves you the same way.

6. Whether I find myself in Rome, Harare, or Cleveland, I am always at home in the Catholic Church.

5. Even if I do not understand the language, I will always understand what is going on at a Catholic Mass.

4. The Catholic faith demands that I stretch my limited boundaries, self concerns, my comfort level beyond the pleasant.

3. The Catholic faith is not interested in agreeing with me thereby becoming an outward expression of me, but sharing with me what it holds to be timeless truth and inviting me to be an outward expression of God.

2. It holds as indispensable the one, the true, the good, and the beautiful.

1. It is the means by which man comes as close in contact as possible with God in this world and that that grace, which has made holy men and women throughout her existence, for some unfathomable reason, through the sacraments, has been entrusted to me as His dispenser.


Adoro said...

Now, you see, this is EXACTLY why I come here to read your blog every morning!

Anonymous said...

Ahmen, Fr. V.

(Me, too, Adoro)

Rich said...

Nice, real nice.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. If people continue to search for the truth, they will end up in the Catholic Church! Upon this Rock I build my Church!