Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sorry folks!

The computers were down ALL DAY. I need a computer guardian angel! But as you can see, we are back up now though it does seem a bit late to post so see you tomorrow!

Fr. V.


Anonymous said...

Whew! Glad you're ok!


Anonymous said...

I figgurd you were having probs again.

But just so you're aware, it's NEVER too late to post! (Unless you're tired and don't have anything otherwise prepared and you don't have time...) Then you're forgiven. :-P

Anonymous said...

St Isadore - feast day 4th April - is the patron saint of the internet. Whenever something happens to my internet connection I pray to St Isadore and, so far, he has come good.

Note this is St Isadore the bishop, not St Isadore the farmer.

Fr. V said...

Thanks for your concern!

And thank you for St. Isadore - Things seem hunly dory today!