Friday, May 23, 2008


Thievery upon thievery! This too was stolen from Fr. S. who is celebrating 4 years a priest! Congratulations!


With a proud tear in his eye, Jay announces the birth of Catholic Carnival 173!

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter provided us with this article by Bishop Lennon as we enter into ordinary time.

Catholic .net is largely a directory, with news stories from Zenit and National Catholic Register.

Do you want to do some serious Catholic research? Here is the place to go. There is so much here it is almost overwhelming!


Father Schnippel said...

I demand royalties!

Oh, umm, wait, umm I stole it myself from somewhere.....

Thanks for the congrats. How many years are you up to? If I remember right, your a bit further afield than I?

Fr. V said...

You are correct brother.

In a couple of days it shall be one decade!

Still loving it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Fr. S. And thank you for living your yes in what is an immensely good but certainly not easy vocation.

I thank all priests reading this, including those 5 new ones in Fr V's diocese, and I thank all Religious, too.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and congratulations to you also, Fr. V! I suspect you'd say that decade has flown by.


Anonymous said...

I already gave my congrats to Fr. S., but Fr. V., congratulations to you, too!

You are both an inspiration to all of us.

uncle jim said...

Ok - no smoke ...

what is the anniversary date of your 10th?

Fr. V said...

I am embarrased to say . . .
I'll have to get back to the parish to tell you that one Jim. Because it was on Pentacost the year I was ordained - I just use Pentecost - I get you the date.

Thank you guys again.

Anonymous said...


If I remember correctly, it's May 30. Am I right Fr. V?