Saturday, May 17, 2008


Our computers were down again for most of the weekend. Sorry, no Monday Diary but here is Sunday Video on Tap a day late!
Stolen from Fr. Schnipple. Boobeeyadda. One minute.


Worthwhile event alert: Lifeworks has arranged for Dr David Prentice from the Family Research Council to speak on the ethics of modern science at 7pm on May 28th at the Bop Stop 2920 Detroit Avenue Cleveland 44113. Lifeworks has the details at 216 661 3000 ext.24

Jay says, "Life is good. The sun is shining, God loves you, and Catholic Carnival 172 is up!"

From our correspondant in New York: Don't waste gas driving around to finding the lowest price! Just look here. Thanks Kaz.

Lillian Marie and friend found this site called, "An Interview with God" for those of you who enjoy such things. Thanks L. M.

F. sent this site in. It has all in one place many of places you want to go. Now you can just point a click instead of plugging it in all the time.


Mother Frangelico said...

Well, I'm glad you're not confused and realize this is not Sunday anymore. But I'm sad not to see your Monday Diary. I think that's my favorite post of the week! your church and my church on the same network? I had to work yesterday and didn't have either email or internet. And I'm off today so I don't have to worry about it for now. (Our internet server has been bad for over a month now.)

Fr. V said...

Actually it is an in house problem. Somewhere between buildings something is going wrong. We thought it was fixed Friday but we went down in some of the building on Saturday, Mine being one of them.

Anonymous said...

Omgg (good golly), sometimes I see (thanks to visiting links like F's) just how far off today's "information highway" I really am. I aim to ponder whether that's alright or downright shameful while Jed and I motor on over to the gas station for one of those ice cold pops out of the big red cooler there; you want one?

*sigh.. Sometimes my kids just shout, "Just look it up online," and I know they are seeing Ren (or was it Stimpy) sitting here drooling.

Jed's worse (better?) -- he still clings to a 20 lb. atlas of the world in which our city does not yet exist..

Granny C.

Adoro said...

Ren and Stimpy! I LOVE Ren and Stimpy, Granny C.!

And you know, I miss the ice-cold pops from the big cooler, found in between the pork roast on the big spit and the large propane tank we used to pretend was a horse.

Thanks for the cool links,Fr. V.