Thursday, July 26, 2007


I must needs take a pastoral break from blogging today. But here is a short quiz to take. Answers tomorrow. Enjoy.


1. For much of the life of the Church the correct color for bishops was green.
2. The following colors are always interchangeable in the United States: White, Purple, and Black.
3. Rose is worn only once a year, on Gaudete Sunday during Advent.
4. Scarlet is the name of the color that Cardinals wear.
5. Gold and Silver are interchangeable with White for certain celebrations.
6. Gray was once a liturgical color, but no more.
7. Though the pope dresses in white, his shoes are of red Moroccan leather.
8.A red pall may be placed over the coffin of a martyr.
9. In certain instances, blue and purple are interchangeable liturgical colors.


Cathy said...

1.) I guess no.

2.) I would guess no. Purple is meant to be penitential. White and black ARE interchangeable at funerals, though.
And I think white is the Easter Sunday color, and I doubt they'd appreciate black being used on that day.

3.) It seems to me that there is one other time when it's worn. I seem to recall it stumping me when it happened. But maybe I'm thinking of something else.

4)I will guess yes, just because of the movie "The Scarlet and the Black."

5.) I think so, because I've seen my priests in gold many times, and I've seen the high altar decked out in silver, so I'll guess yes.

6.) I don't know, but I sure hope not. Ew. Gray vestments.

7.) Yes, the current pope wears red shoes, though I believe JP2 did not.

8.) Yes.

9.) I'm pretty sure this is true. I think I've seen our priests in blue vestments for Marian feast days.
I believe I did read once that blue could be substituted for purple, but I can't recall the reasoning behind it.

Fun quiz! I look forward to learning the answers.

Anonymous said...

Ma Beck--Laetare Sunday--fourth Sunday of Lent(3). Purple can also be used for funerals (2). Red shoes are traditional--JP2 wore things like Doc Martens and stuff though. :) (7). I'm pretty sure that if necessary blue can be worn in Advent...but I'm not 100% on that(9).

Sister Maxine said...

1. I would say no - I thought Bishops wore red. ???

2. Purple??? I thought white/black for funerals, but not purple (which, from reading is actually called Amaranth Red... who chose the names of these colors???)

3. Rose / Pink / Pink / Rose... didn't you say it was actually a "Light purple"? Again... color names??? This is false, it is 2 times.

4. Scarlet? (My high school had the colors of Scarlet & Turquoise! ouch!) I thought it was "Red"

5. From my basic research, Gold can replace white, red, or green (but not violet - again another name for purple, or black).

6. Gray??? what a drab color! I would say no.

7. I love seeing the Pope w/his White & red shoes!!! The red bolero hat is great, too!

8. I would think, yes.

9. Purple & Blue. Do you mean Amaranth Red, purple or violet? ;) Although Mary's color is blue, I don't think that it is used as a liturgical color. Would it be blue, indigo, turquoise, sky blue???? :)

Lynne said...

1) no?
2) no
3) no (twice a year, 3rd Sunday of Advent and third Sunday of Lent)
4) yes (based on same reasoning as Ma Beck)
5) yes
6) no
7) yes
8) yes
9) no (however, a very devout and holy priest I know has worn a light blue vestment so I must be wrong).

Anonymous said...

1) F
2) F (only for funerals)
3) F (also Laetare Sunday)
4) F (it's red)
5) T
6) F
7) T
8) T (I think)
9) F ( In the USA blue is not a liturgical color)

Odysseus said...

Fr V.

It would be helpful, on these quizzes, if you went into Settings and allowed pop-ups for your comment boxes. I know I can always open two windows, etc. but pop-ups are good for this stuff.

Just a thought.

Cathy said...

Where have I seen blue vestments then? I seem to recall it being very pretty, a fiddleback chausible.
Maybe it was on eBay...

Anonymous said...


Fr. V said...

Thanks for the advice Rob. I didn;t even realize that I could do that.