Sunday, July 15, 2007


The Curt Jester let us know about the latest episode of "That Catholic Show!"


Here is a conglomeration of things that I've been storing for "someday" and I'm tired of having them on my computer. So here we go . . .

First this from Back to Damerosehay.

Fr. V
Extremely Insane
Extremely Insane

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I want my Mommy. Okay. Well, so that didn't go so well.

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PG13! Neither hot nor cold. How can one be extremely insane and BORING! Ah well, one more shot from the New Roving Medievalist.

How INSaNe are you?
Quirky - You are only insane very rarely and when you do go insane it is hilarious.
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Yes. Well. (*Ahem*) Let us, um, (*Cough*) move along . . .

Oh Yeah, then there's this:

From the "All Things Catholic" grab bag, Kay sent this in for people who want to lose weight the Catholic way. Thanks Kay. Apparently there are a few people around here using this method. I've only read their opening page but it looks pretty Okay.

Habemus Papem sent this second article in about an upcoming T.V. show about a Catholic priest. It still looks promising. (I'm still not holding my breath.)

Catholic Carnival 127 is up and running!

The Diocese of Cleveland E-Newsletter wants us to know about the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Foundation. The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Foundation links interested donors to the causes which are near to their hearts. Here, you can get information about the programs and services which comprise the mission of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland and the many ways you can express your support.


Anonymous said...

The writer of Vows, Karen Hall, does have a blog (, and has posted occasionally about the evolution of "Vows". Including the fact that the show is still being written, and a fall airing isn't assured. Karen appears to be very committed to Jesuit spirituality and formation and I would have confidence in her intent. Now whether to have equal confidence in the network's acceptance and airing of a quality show about a good priest is another matter entirely.


Anonymous said...

I went to the 'Back to Damerosehay' site and loved it. The pictures and commentary he adds regarding the churches in the Diocese of Toledo is very good and interesting and pretty 'right-on' for most of the ones I read. I'll go back and view more when I have hours to kill ... he's got that much material there ... it is wonderful.