Sunday, July 8, 2007


Over at Roman Catholic Vocations this video was posted. Yes, it's six minutes of cheese, but I like cheese - maybe it's a guy thing. It is a good lesson for how we should live the faith in this life however.


The latest Catholic Carnival is up.

From the (somewhat) unsubstantiated rumors department: Our new bishop spoke to some of our youth ministers. He was noted as saying that we are not about dances and pizza parties, we need substance and catechesis. Our youth are our future and we must stop ingraining in them that Church is nothing but a social organization. While not saying that they need to be done away with altogether, he has stated that he would rather we lose out on these practices rather than continue to raise up Catholics ignorant of their faith. Way to go bishop!


Adrienne said...

You could have fooled me!!!! As Youth Minister I try to teach the Catholic faith and the parents, Bishop, and other YM want pizza and FUN. Who is this fine Bishop who agrees with me --- or am I agreeing with him??

Adrienne said...

OK!! Looked up the Bishops in Ohio and you guys are lousy with these little critters. We only have one. So my question is: who is the fine bishop who suggested the heretical idea of actually teaching the Catholic faith to our young??

Fr. V said...

The Most Reverend Richard G. Lennon D.D., M.A., M.Th, Bishop of the Diocese of Cleveland.

Okay Adrienne - you put the though into my head, now I think I need to write about it.

YOU are responsible for Monday!

Sister Maxine said...

Amen! It's everyone's responsibility to set the example for our Youth - the parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, ... yes even the "lady down the street." Just this morning, I went to church early to say the Rosary before Mass. I was astonished when people were talking out loud, gabbing about this & that. Nothing to do with God, Mass, etc. I wanted to get on the microphone & scream at them...but I would have been no different than they were.

We are the ones to be setting the example for our youth. We need to show them respect for everything we do and say. The Bishop is correct. Way to go!!

Adrienne said...

I can't wait for Monday!!! It is not easy being "a voice crying out in the wilderness". When a 12th grader has no idea of what a sacrament is, how many there are, or how they act in our lives we have a serious, serious problem.
Not only is Bishop Lennon smart but he's handsome, too!!

Odysseus said...

I didn't finish watching the video. I thought you meant real cheese and I got excited. After a minute, I realized this was not a show about cheddar, not even mozzarella or provolone.

Now I am sad.

Anonymous said...

Here is something else that is full of cheese:

This has nothing to do with the post, but as I was looking around Dave Armstrong's blog, I came across this link where you can go to find out your peculiar aristocratic title.

Mine is Countess-Palatine Silvana the Sage of Giggleswick on the Naze.

Go here to find out yours:

Try it. It's fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, please rein Dave in.

As for pizza and fun, one can have too much. Like beer. Ok, like cheesecake.

Fr. V said...

Rob, Rob,

WHAT are we going to do for you.

Can you guess which picture on Monday's post was put there just for you?

Thanks Sylavana I look it up!

You know, I never can tell what will interest people and what will not. This whole blog thing has challenged my perception of the world!

Anonymous said...

your whole blog thing has changed the world's perception

Anonymous said...

Alleluia! Teens raised on pizza and dances only in the name of relgion will not be able to stand up for the faith. When they get to college they'll be embracing some non-denominational group (note: not Church) because it makes them "feel good". They have know idea what it means to be Catholic.