Sunday, July 29, 2007


This short clip (under two minutes) kind of hit home with me, especially the line, "You can't judge others by their actions and yourself by your intentions." Ouch.


It was interesting to see how much attention the demon bunny of Saint Clare received. Adoro sent along this picture in response. I thought I'd share it with you.

It seems a slow day for my brain so might as well keep with the bunny theme. You may remember BIG BUNNY from Easter. Well, here is episode two.

Here's the link to this week's Catholic Carnival.

The Diocese of Cleveland's E-Newsletter wants you to know that "For your marriage" is a web site hosted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that supports couples who are married or thinking about getting married.


Sister Maxine said...

You hit on a couple subjects that I have been dealing with lately.

The short clip w/the football coach - I recently moved in with my parents when my father had to retire. I always thought I Honored my father & mother. However, my faith has been challenged (and I hope I have successfully met the challenge) with this Commandment. However, I also discovered that it's not just of my earthly parents...but my Heavenly parents that also need honored.

The big pink bunny -- well, I went skydiving once. I made the jump (said "Geronimo" as I left the plane). *grin* My suit was pink! My parents said I looked like a big pink Easter Bunny falling from the sky. (Hey, they could see me... EVERYONE could see me!) LOL

Fr. V said...


Anonymous said...

your previous attack bunny post did seem to take people away from the rest of that post, as i recall.

i didn't go back to the earlier post with the youtube piece on the football coach who got the kid to carry the another kid on his back the whole length of the field ... was that the same coach in both?

and that big bunny scared my grand-daughter of 5.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post on the other bunny topic with the stained glass a few days ago and it would not go through.

When I was reading that entry my daughter came in the room saw the computer monitor and her first reaction was, "That rabbit is scary!"

Fr. V said...

Uncle Jim -
Same coach in both - there is a whole bunch of those clips

Maryb - ;-)