Saturday, July 21, 2007


Here is a two minute video on what it means to be "I AM".

Dan sent a wire gently suggesting that I supply a link to the USCCB. As promised, here it is Danny!

I am sure that there are many sites that I have not made it onto Adam's Ale yet (and I am woefully behind in updating the Blog Squad). But slowly, there is a nice little library being built up ofplaces to visit. Here are two more that you might find helpful or interesting. The first is from Vatican Radio given to me by the pastor and the next is from the Vatican State. Both are pretty cool.

Jay announces that Catholic Carnival 128 is up and running over at Book Reviews and More.

DUBLIN, Ireland - July 19, 2007 - (CNS) - Catholics worldwide will celebrate the feast of St. Patrick two days earlier next year after the Vatican gave permission to move the feast day to avoid a conflict with Holy Week. Bet we would not do this for a Slovenian Saint. Ah well. That's the luck o' the Irish. (N.B. This is not one of my made up official reports.)

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Cathy said...

Ay yi yi.
[Shakes head.]

I'm pretty sure St. Patrick himself would willingly defer to Our Lord and His Passion, just this once.