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FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “True Hell: Being alone with yourself for all eternity. Only yourself to hope in, only your own self love in saecula saculorum.” – Tony Hendea


From the Unsubstantiated Rumors Department: Rumor has it that the new president of John Carroll Jesuit University has some desire to reestablish a stronger Catholic identity for this Cleveland Institution. A student reports that a Pro-Choice group was initially given permission to form at the University only to have that permission revoked on the basis of the Catholic nature of the school before they could hold any meetings. Posters were put up around campus protesting this decision that were removed by the University; the student body being informed that there would be repercussions for anyone posting such signs again.

A) I hope this is true. B) I hope they keep moving in this direction.

Students at Gonzaga Jesuit University show what fraternity life might look like if Catholic identity of Catholic institutions were taken seriously.


sattvicwarrior said...

dude.. you say.
True Hell: Being alone with yourself for all eternity. Only yourself to hope in, only your own self love in saecula saculorum.” – Tony Hendea
I SAY!!!!!!!
to be ALONE is truly a gift from god. but loneliness is the worst disease to mankind. to HOPE only in ones SELF [ non dual nature] is to identify with god for sure. ..
self love is loveing the SELF, and consequently makes one closer to god and entitles one to merge with that greatness..
who else better than to be with god, and in a state without duality??[ the joy of being ALONE]
"self" [ego] as oposed to "SELF"
[god consciousness]
Mr TOny Hendeas statement is a bit shallow dont ya think??

Anonymous said...

The entire post that follows is from:

3) As reported by the Cardinal Newman Society, ,

John Carroll University in its newly revised "Community Standards Manual," refers its students to a pro-abortion counseling center:

The manual recommends either the University Counseling Center or the Cleveland RapeCrisis Center to students who may have suffered a sexual offense. But last year Cardinal Newman Society disclosed the latter Center's membershipin the Freedom of Choice Cleveland Coalition, which advocates abortionrights. The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center was the originally designatedrecipient of funds raised from last year's performance of The VaginaMonologues, but protests convinced university officials to redirect thefunds to another charity. Apparently the Center was not worthy offunding, but it is entrusted with counseling John Carroll's students whomay be pregnant as a result of rape or incest.

On April 10, a sanctioned John Carroll University homosexual student organization presented on campus the play, "Queer Monolouges."

It is also of great concern that seminary students for the Diocese of Cleveland take classes at John Carroll University.

A couple years ago, one such seminary student penned the following cry for help:

As a seminarian and student at John Carroll University, I feel it my moral
obligation to bring to your attention the following advertisement and activity
taking place at John Carroll the Jesuit University in Cleveland, OH. I will send
you a photo copy of the advertisement when I can gain access to a scanner. Until
that time I will give you the text of the advertisement that has been hung all
over the university (Student dorms, academic buildings etc.)


Gay/Straight AlliancePresents life partners Sean Donovan and Thomas Ferrara--One of the first gay male couples married in the state of Massachusetts" Picture of
protesters next to sign entitled "Gay Marriage is
our Right!" and holding a sign "I support Trans equality!" New members are welcome! Wednesday September 22 AD 258 at 9PM

I and many others have had enough of this garbage. It has gone too far
and is an abomination. This is a Catholic institution. Please call and email our
President (Father Glynn), Sister Mary Ann Flannery(Head of Communications Dept.) and Bishop Pilla to stop this outrage.

John Paul II, in his document "Ex Corde Ecclesiae" called for the return of a Catholic identity to Catholic universities and colleges and, in the spirit of their Catholic tradition, the certification of those professors.

Bishop Lennon, John Carroll University is a hotbed of dissent and anti-Catholicism. What do you intend to do about John Carroll University and will you continue to let our seminarians take classes there?

Bishop Lennon, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Get to work!

Anonymous said...

sattvic, the Lord said to love our neighbor as ourself. But first, He said to love God above all.

And I'm having a bit of trouble plumbing the second comment (who said what? Is this in reference to what Fr. V. posted?), but I want to say there's one thing in Canon Law, based on the book of James, I believe, that is consistent with one bit of man-made order in the world, and it's the "chain of command" idea. I'll ask Fr. V. to correct me if I'm wrong (and I'll only believe clergy on it, so no one else need volunteer) but one does not order a bishop around. One does not even approach a bishop with a concern unless one has gone privately and respectfully through the proper channels and has not gotten a satisfactory answer or resolution. And then, if one does indeed wish to speak to the Bishop, one addresses him with respect.

I can hear JP II saying it, too.

Beyond that, I want to say this: I corresponded with a seminarian (let us just say "New Orleans") through a couple of years, and when he told me some of what was going on, and that it was killing his spirits, that maybe he'd jumped too soon, etc., I tried to talk him into reporting it privately to whomever was his immediate confessor. I've heard from a small number of priests-to-be that the problems are not absent anywhere.. some of it is very serious trouble indeed, but the seminarians are tackling it themselves first. I am greatly heartened by the strength of those who will soon come out to us, but I do ask the clergy to listen to them on any concerns.

Deacon Bill Burns said...

On Greeks at Gonzaga. As far as I know, Gonzaga doesn't allow fraternities or sororities, or at least it didn't when I went there. Sadly, you don't need to have a Greek system to have all kinds of bad behavior.

Adoro said...

Not all universities are under the direct authority of a bishop. Some are, some are not. Unfortunately, I can't provide a list. Many are private entities. I don't think Ave Maria University, for one is directly under the authority of a bishop, however it is very faithful to Rome and the Magisterium.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, dependent upon how you see it, free will applies in many aspects and some of these allegedly Catholic universities need to use their free will to stop calling themselves Catholic if they have no intention of representing the claim.

Anonymous said...

The video brings up a deeper question. Is cool the opposite of good or holy? Recall that in the 50s and 60s holy roller protestants came out against all things cool and rock & roll. Were they right? Those two are definitely uncool in the video.

Anonymous said...

I am a JCU student... so perhaps I should say a little something.

The university it trying to get better as a whole.

First of all, it should be noted that the pro-life group on campus has not always followed complete Catholic teaching and in fact in its last demonstration it quoted "satan" as to promoting abortion... needless to say that didn't go to well... the first and foremost thing the university needs is love - and truth, but not fake statistics and quotes that rile up emotion instead of dialogue... I would write more about the demonstration but it basically consisted of a cross graveyard, extremely tasteless signs and base chalk messages. Instead of turning people towards truth, it made them angry... really angry... but next year they're going to try to make it a little more truth based and a more "all inclusive" life issue.

Also, the new President of the University is trying to raise money for a theology major, and he is making it that all RL 101 (intro to religion) is completely catholic - all students are required to take this course.

JCU will never be a Steubenville, but it does not need to be. It has a lot of room to grow, its has a lot of downs - but it also has a lot of ups... the differences facilitate dialogue and learning.

Also - the seminarians are awesome to have on campus. I have taken classes at borromeo, and many of them take classes at JCU. They have influenced many people and called them to holiness, only because of the peace that they have within their lives.

Yes JCU has a lot of issues. If you are concerned for us (and you probably should be) pray for the student body, perhaps write to the school, and try to think of solutions. I just want you to know that its not all bad... adoration has been started, there is daily mass and rosaries throughout the week. They are trying to fix things. They are learning a Catholic identity that can interact with the culture. So pray for us!

Unknown said...

In response to what you asked me on my blog, there has been a married Eastern Catholic deacon ordained to priesthood a few months ago by Bishop John Kudrick. He's the only one whos seems open to such discussion at the moment...

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

John Carroll is no longer a Catholic school and is in fact very hostile to the Catholic faith. Seminarians should not go near this place.

Please read, from John Carroll University's own website, information on its homosexual student group (i.e the producers of the "Queer Monologues."). Most interesting is the final comment from the homosexual group that Father Niehoff "assured us that he will be our constant ally."


Allies seeks to offer support for students that are interested in issues that concern gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. The Communications Division interviewed Rhiannon Lathy '07, the organization's president.

What is the main mission of Allies?

The main mission of Allies is to promote awareness of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning (GLBTQ), and allied community and also to provide advocacy and support for that community.

What are your plans for the next year?

Our number one goal for the upcoming year is changing all of the non-discrimination policies on campus to include protection for all GLBTQ individuals in the JCU community. As it stands now, some faculty and staff could technically be fired because of their sexual orientation.

What are some events that your group puts on?

We send a group to the AIDS Walk fundraisers in Cleveland and Washington D.C., and we sponsor Coming Out Week, the Meet Your Allies Potluck, the National Day of Silence, and of course the Drag Shows. In the past, we have put on the Queer Monologues and hosted the award winning IDEA, the first conference for GLBTQ groups from Jesuit universities.

How can people get involved with your organization?

You can come to our weekly meetings, every Wednesday at 9 p.m. in AD 258, or contact Meg Kolupski, our secretary, at who will put you on our mailing list to keep you updated about our events.

The Drag Show last year was a big hit. Do you plan on hosting this event again?

I definitely want Allies to host another drag show this year -- perhaps this time involving JCU student performers!

Your signs have often been seen as controversial. What would your response be to people who disagree with the message you are trying to convey?

My response would of course depend on the nature of the criticism. One popular recent criticism has been that our pictures of people kissing were too explicit. The fact is that a picture of a man and a woman kissing does not offend most people, but a picture of two men or two women kissing does offend people. The message of the poster was simply that this difference of reaction is wrong.

Has the administration been helpful in your endeavors? Do you feel that you have a lot of support and backing from the school?

Since I began the presidency, the administration has been very supportive. We recently met with Fr. Niehoff who assured us that he will be our constant ally. Sometimes we can't do all that we would like to do, though, like change the non-discrimination policies immediately, but I understand it's difficult to get support like this from a community where not all people are as dedicated to human rights as we are in Allies.

Anonymous said...


You said:

"I am a JCU student... so perhaps I should say a little something."

"The university it trying to get better as a whole."

This is nonsense. Father Niehoff just named a co-chair of FUTURECHURCH as the VICE-PRESIDENT of John Carroll.

I just posted this documentation over here:

when someone brought to my attention Father V's wonderful blog.

Father V, do not send any kids from your parish to JCU!