Monday, May 28, 2007


His Holiness Pope Benedict XIV says,


Can you stand just two more pictures of new Cat-o'-licks?



No greater love is there than this; that you lay down your life your friends.

Interesting site, "How to Observe Memorial Day." I would add go to mass and pray for our service men and women and for peace between nations and peoples.

Be safe, let us celebrate in keeping our Christian dignity, remember a veteran, pray for those who are risking their lives in the armed forces.

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Adoro said...

Those are the cutest cats ever!

Growing up, once we moved to MN we went out to the cemetary to decorate my uncle's grave every Memorial Day. He died in Korea.

The story I heard growing up was that he was killed by a sniper, and then killed by a sniper while escorting a priest.

I actually did some research today and actually found a post on a geneology forum posted by my cousin (verified by the ancestry line...Grandfather, etc - I know this is my cousin), and he provided a couple stories I never heard.

Apparently HE grew up hearing that our Uncle died of a self-inflicted gun shot to the head, and that's the Army's official story. However, someone who knew our Uncle told our Grandfather that he was killed when someone else brought opium onto the train they were on, he got caught up in that or something. It's not clear to any of us what happened, apparenly.

But it's always been a point of pride for my family and they have always taught that he died honorbly in service to our country. So even with the info I found today, I will assume the best of him, but maybe pray a little bit harder for him now.