Sunday, May 27, 2007


Happy Pentecost!


Paul sent this over to Adam's Ale. It is an article well worth reading from Yahoo! news.

Did you ever want to know what different people are celebrating on this (or any other day) of the year? Or what group was having national (you-name-it) week, or national (whatever) awareness month? This site will tell you!

Need a little spiritual reading for Pentecost Sunday? Look here.


Anonymous said...

I find the article by Jane Glasser in the CSM to be pretty right on the mark [my opinion].

Are you familiar with Dr. William Glasser, father of Reality Therapy [based in cognitive behavior modification psychology and choice, or control, theory]? Another Glasser whom I think is pretty right on the mark.

Have a great Pentecost everyone -
Happy Birthday!

Adoro said...

Well, that's annoying...I had posted once before but it didn't "catch" apparently. So I guess I'll just repeat myself.

My family - Mom, brother,and his girlfriend (we consider her part of the family) came up to visit this weekend, so we went to Mass together. I was actually almost completely overcome with a sense of gratitude not just for our Catholic faith, but for being with my family. It's been a couple years, I think, since we've gone to Mass together, and I don't think it was a coincidence that this happened on Pentecost.

Sadly, my brother and his GF are God-parents twice over and neither of them either know their faith or or are even practicing it. The GF barely considers herself Christian and is so caught up in relativism....she simply doesn't see a conflict with proclaiming her duties as a God-mother and still hold her own viewpoint as a barely-Christian.

I of course love both of them to death, but I don't even know what to do or say with their God-parent-ship. They are completely unfit.

I was praying HARD today for the Holy Spirit to do SOMETHING....and I'm certain he tried, but were they open to it?

Anonymous said...


so your family came up ... from where?

i have god-parents in the family that fit a similar description - including the god-mother of one of my grand-daughters [teaches and coaches in a catholic parochial school in south carolina, and has her female life-partner with her at almost all family gatherings that involve my son-in-law's [her brother] side of the family [major holidays like christmas].

it absolutely drives me nuts - how and why she was allowed by my daughter is beyond me [of her husband, i cannot speak - it was his sister after all, so i read into it some sort of family honorary appointment].

Fr V - sorry about going so far off topic to comment to adoro.

Fr. V said...

Gads no - Talk on about whatever.

And some parishes take sponsors and sponsor certificates very serioulsy and other don't even bother. Too many peopel see the position as an hnor - not a responsibility.

Adoro said...

Well, is my face red!

I just realized I posted initially in the post I meant to post in (previous), and the on uncle jim responded to was posted in the wrong spot.

Teach me to cook and do other things while commenting!