Saturday, May 12, 2007


Four men were ordained for the diocese of Cleveland today in a beautiful ceremony at St. John's Cathedral. Thanks be to God!

Here is the tail end of the procession going into the cathedral. In a beautiful act of humility at the end of the mass, Bishop Lennon begged the pardon of the congregation, knelt down in the sanctuary and received blessings from the newly ordained after which he kissed the palms of their hands which had just been consecrated for the work of God.

Here is what the those who were about to be ordained saw just before they entered the cathedral:


Adoro said...

I'm so happy for the new priests, and the Bishop's incredible moving!

What was he appologizing FOR? Something specific to your diocese?

Those protestors are so out of place. To the women, as a woman, yes, we are "priestly people", too...but there is a theological definition of that which is in complete contrast to their use, which is one of power-seeking and the arrogance of the secular world. I thank God that my thoughts never lead me into the "I wanna be a priest" category. I have enough problems! No offense, Father, but I don't want your calling!

Odysseus said...

Habemus ad Dominum!

sattvicwarrior said...

the protesters are a reminder that the church is TOTALLY out of step with the faithful.
[ gee lok at its present leader da POPE].
Good for those women ..
They want a closer identity with their creator, and they should have that right. who needs a bunch of dark ages misogynists to tell them otherwise. ?????
look how many books from the bible have been eliminated because they were women ..[ the first eccumenical council comes to mind]
just check its history.
Its wonderful that people can express themselves, years ago it would have NOT been possible, as the church was considered absolute.
now its considered ANYTHING BUT THAT .
THANK GOD for freedom of thought. tis a pity the CHURCH wants to CONTROL it..

Fr. V said...

Satvicwarrior - I am SO pleased when we can absolutely agree with each other. You are SO right. The Church is defintely not with the times and out of steps with a lot of the faithful.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Pitiful. I'm glad to see there were more priests in the procession than protesters making fools of themselves.

Leticia said...

Fr V good for you! The Church wasn't too hip in Roman times, either!