Sunday, August 5, 2018


It used to be
that the birds from the trees
would fly to the church
on the steeple perch
- and I thought it beautiful.
But now’s the church clean
the birds seem so mean
with their filth and dirt
to a mess we revert
- and it drives me nuts.

It used to be
that the rain would fall free
and I’d sit and listen
our crowns it’d christen
- and I thought it beautiful.
But now’s our crest gilded
and with all of my will did
not curse the rain
with its spots and its stains
- and it drives me nuts.

It used to be 
that kids in glee
would play on the pews
with their cars and choo-choos
- and I thought it beautiful.
But now’s the stain new
and toys gouge and chew,
Cheerios ground in to floors
handprints on new doors
- and it drives me nuts.

Today our church home
is as shiny as chrome
with its new this and that
(though no clip for your hat)
- and I think it beautiful.
But “new” is so fragile
and dirt is so agile
and I think I’ll be serene
when we’re back where we’d been

- and that drives me nuts.

Based on the poem, "He Worried about It" by Sam Walter Foss.  Thanks to Fr. Ference.


Anonymous said...

I finally got to see the inside of post-renovation St. Sebastian last week. It looks absolutely splendid and gleaming, as does the outside - a really fitting place in which to worship and pray!

Your poem sounds like something St. Martha would have written. I expect she worried about things like that, and noticed if someone tracked in dirt on her clean floors. And told the offender about it! Her sister, Mary, of course realized that the presence of Jesus took precedence over housekeeping and hospitality duty. But I expect Jesus was very grateful to come to a clean, attractive home, with a delicious home-cooked meal prepared just for him - which is why he also saw value in Martha and loved her so much. So you are in good company!

But like St. Martha and her tidy and hospitable home, it is a good thing in a pastor for him to notice things like what you pointed out. The upkeep doesn't take care of itself, and your parishioners are very fortunate. And the hard work you do makes St. Sebastian welcoming and pleasant for visitors like me, and honors the presence of Jesus as well! I am sure your parishioners would be the first in line to thank you for looking after them.

With much admiration and respect - a cluster parish neighbor

Nan said...

I suggested a 3rd church cleaning day since theres a huge gap between Pascha and the Nativity. Right after the Fivine Liturgy on Sept 8.

Belinda said...

Im sure some of the older gashes in the pews belong to me as a child, now polished away with the grime from many years. Take all of the new gashes and fingerprints in stride Fr. V, it means people were here.