Thursday, October 25, 2012


How often do you see a movie about Martians coming to earth and we assume the best from them and we immediately become good and mutually beneficial friends?  It’s about one step away from never. They are almost always soulless beings of evil intent bent on destroying the American way.  And because they are hostile and soulless, we have a peaceful conscience in wiping them out from the space in the universe that is wasted on them.
The sad part is that this is not just a vision of the future, it is a reality from our past.  Inconvenient people are branded as soulless beasts, less than human, often hostile, and therefore we are right to take their land and goods, enslave them, kill them, until we learn otherwise.  (Should it not be the other way around?  Assume people are human worthy of respect until you learn otherwise?)
It is the exact same argument that continues to divide our nation today.  Can human beings in the womb be labeled soulless globs of cells?  Can they be branded as hostile to their host when in every case the baby is completely innocent in the process of showing up in the womb?  It may be a horrific set of circumstances how he ended up there, but isn’t he innocent of it?
Today we face the question: How are we going to label these lives that, left on their own, will become an acceptable, ensoulled part our community?  Every time we vote we are deciding what kind of people we want to be in this regard. 


MaryofSharon said...

All so true, Fr. V. I just read the most incredibly beautiful testimony to the personhood of the unborn. The daughter of a woman I know just lost a baby born with anencephaly. This mother, knowing for months, that little Joey would die as soon as he was born, chose to love him and enjoy him as long as she could. She kept a blog as her son lived and grew within her and as she purposefully developed a relationship with him in utero. Yesterday's post is titled "Joey's Birthday and Funeral Services."

MaryofSharon said...

That last link doesn't seem to work. The story is at the top of the home page:

pokey said...

mmm did you mean Marian or MarTian to be in the post title?