Tuesday, October 30, 2012


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "What a weakness it is to love Jesus Christ only when He caresses us, and to be cold immediately once He afflicts us. This is not true love. Those who love thus, love themselves too much to love God with all their heart." St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
QUOTE II:  To evangelize is to declare to the various areas of the culture that Jesus Christ is Lord. … Evangelization doesn’t compromise culture, it elevates it.” —Father Robert Barron

This past week was the anniversary of the death of our founding pastor.  A priest friend took this picture and sent it to me as a reminder to pray for him.
One of our families lost their home to a fire this past weekend.  The house was a total loss but they are doing Okay it seems.  One of the very few things that survived was this painting of Jesus that he was working on.  It is what made me think of the quote above.
This was sent in to assist us in getting help to where it is most needed: "The County of Summit Office of Consumer Affairs Director Cynthia Sich warns consumers to be leery of fraudulent charitable contribution schemes and home repair scams that may appear after damaging winds or flooding.

"Consumers should avoid donating money in response to social media messages, Facebook posts, tweets, unsolicited email or websites related to Hurricane Sandy because many of these might be sham requests. Also, it is not uncommon for these shysters to use familiar sounding names that mimic legitimate organizations.
"To make your donation count know who you are dealing with, contact:
1. The Ohio Attorney General at (800) 282-0515 to see if the company asking for your donation is registered to fundraise in Ohio or do an online search at their website: www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/CharitableSearch.aspx.
2. Resist pressure. Legitimate charities or fundraisers will send you information about the charity’s mission, how your donation will be used, and proof that your contribution is tax deductible."
From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewlsetter:  "As we approach this coming national election, I feel it is necessary and appropriate for me to republish a column I wrote before the 2008 national elections. A good number of people have asked me to reprint that column in which I explained from our Catholic perspective the heart and meaning of the bishops' Faithful Citizenship document."  Read more here.
From the same source:  "Thursday November 1st is All Saints Day---a holy day of obligation in the Catholic Church in which all the faithful are to attend Mass."  Read more here.
From the same source:  "Did you know that the Diocese's Year of Faith web site features short video testimonials. Currently featured is a video-testimonial from Cleveland Indians Radio Broadcaster, Tom Hamilton. Visit the Year of Faith web site to view the video."  See more here.
P sent this in:  "Historians, architects, archaeologists and volunteers in Germany are teaming up to build a medieval monastery the old-fashioned way. Working conditions will be strictly 9th-century, without machines, rain jackets or even coffee. It will take decades, but they hope to garner fresh insights into everyday life in the 800s."   This is pretty neat.  See more here.

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