Friday, February 8, 2008


A great big thank you to all who have made this such an exciting adventure! A little over a year ago Dawn Eden challenged me to stop being afraid of the computer and start a blog. It was a very rough and rudimentary beginning and it was exciting that 10 or 20 people might stop by and give a quick look. Those were the days when only Cyber Sis Adoro, the ever supportive Uncle Jim, and always good for a clever witticism Rob would leave a comment. Since then many of you have added some real spice to the site by aiding with graphics (I still love the header, thank you very much), with imput on content, guest bloging (Fr. O, Habemus Papem, C.K. and others), and great comments that have also added to my ministry in the parish. Now as of yesterday after 380 posts there have been 42,041 visits to the site, modest by some standards, but I appreciate you stopping by (even Stavicwarrior) and I want you to know that I am very serious when I say that you are included in my prayers and in my intentions at mass.

I promised myself to give blogging one year and the evaluate if I still enjoy it, if it does not interfere with my parish ministry, and if I think I still have something to share with you without just repeating myself. I think for now I will keep plugging along but I may eventually drop a day or two from the week. We'll see. For now, THANK YOU for stopping by and GOD BLESS! I hope you found an insight, a moment of reflection, or a good laugh here as we shared the joy of being Catholic

My blog is worth $33,307.86.
How much is your blog worth?

Well that's good news! On 16 September 2007 this site was only worth $26,533.38

IN OTHER GOOD NEWS!" What a wonderful anniversary present! (Although I fear this may be a sign of the parousea.) This morning our local newspaper, "The Plain Dealer" has two decent articles about the Catholic faith. One is on "Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine" and another accurate piece on indulgences. My universe has just shifted.

And finally the answers to yesterday's quiz. Good job guys! I thought this would be harder.
1. Cassok

2. Simar

3. Roman Collar

4. Surplus

5. Alb

6. Chasabule

7. Cope

8. Dalmatic

9. Stole


Rev. Daren J. Zehnle, J.C.L., K.C.H.S. said...

Happy anniversary! I'm glad to hear you'll continue blogging.

Anonymous said...

Happy first anniversary and as I said I'm glad you decided to keep blogging!! I've not only enjoyed your blog but have learned from it too. Also picked up a few good books from your recommendations.
Great job!!


Dan said...

I have recently started reading your blogs and I totally enjoy them. I find them thought provoking, insightful, and humorous. Keep up the good work, and happy anniversary

Adrienne said...

Love the picture. You may not go anywhere since you are the best priest blogger on the web.

Odysseus said...


-but I appreciate you stopping by (even Stavicwarrior)-

NOW would be a GOOD time for SATVIC WARRIOR to RETURN and make a CYNICAL RETORT about RELIGION!

And use ALL CAPS, of course.

Vincenzo said...


Happy anniversary Fr. V!

Adoro said...

Happy blogversary, cyber-bro! And I'm especially happy you're going to stick it out and keep writing. I think that as long as the Church continues, there will be something to say....after all, 2,000 years after our beginning there are constantly volumes being published, lectures to attend, things to learn...blogs to write. And didn't JP2 TELL you to write? Hmmm?


Anonymous said...


Happy Anniversary! I read your blog nearly every day and enjoy it!

I'm very glad you'll be continuing to blog.


Jeffrey Smith said...

Ad multos annos.

uncle jim said...

and right behind jeffrey smith, a fellow toledoan, i'll add my own bon mot [fr]: dum vivimus vivamus [L].

then, from the far east: otanjohbi omedetoh gozaimas [Jap]!

keep on keepin' on, dear brother ... the ministry of the word takes many forms.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Happy anniversary, Father!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to respond sooner...comments wouldn't go through on the day I tried. Happy belated anniversary! I am also an (almost) daily reader. You are thoughtful as well as entertaining.

I'm glad you mentioned the PD article on Lourdes. Your thoughts were mine exactly!

Keep up the great blogging, Father.