Saturday, February 9, 2008


Here is how to teach bad theology. I don't necessarily recommend the resources at the end, but the message is great for a Lenten reflection. (5:40 seconds)


Jay announces that Catholic Carnival 158 is up and running!

Lillian Marie suggests a couple of sites for you listening pleasure and educational edification. The Reason for Our Hope Foundation provides many good things to listen to. She says, "The Mass Explained & Confession can both be received through Catholic City (you already have this listed on your links) for a small donation. The others can be purchased through Fr. Larry's website. The Mass Explained is also very powerful."

On the free side is Cardinal Arinze teaching on the Catechism. L.M. says, "I can definitely see families talking about this & using this as a guide. The Cardinal is a bit difficult to understand with his accent, but has good insights."

More free Catholic stuff to listen to! Matthew Lewis of our newly formed Cleveland Chesterton Club reports that there are free downloads of Chesterton matrial here. He says, "Please be patient for the first 5 seconds of the reading. The recording quality of the introduction Libri Vox blurb is not so great, but the readings themselves are fine."


Anonymous said...

I've listened to The Mass Explained and Confession by Fr. Larry multiple times. I am always struck by something new each time I hear them. I've also heard him speak at Steubenville, and he's just as good in person as he is on tape. I highly recommend buying his talks.

Adrienne said...

Father Larry's talks are wonderful. I play the confession one for my kidlets.