Monday, February 4, 2008


(I think I'll not have access to a computer to post in the morning so this one is early.)
FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “If you want to love God prepare for the seven cardinal sins to show themselves.” Fr. Gene Fulton.

QUOTE II – “We are not slaves of the universe and of its laws. We are free.” From “Spe Salve” Pope Benedict XVI


Domini Sumus was kind enough to send information along about who the singers were in the first video from this past Sunday Video on Tap. Here is their description of their mission; "We offer the finest recordings of traditional and contemporary Catholic music plus original music by David Phillips. We welcome your comments and suggestions." You can hear samples of their music here.
My sister sent this along. Supposedly the Air Force uses this as a test for Fighter Pilots. It is reported that they can do this for two minutes. The wire said that if you can go 18 seconds you are phenominal. My best time was just over 11 seconds. Go here, click on the center object and avoid being hit by the moving objects and don't touch the black boarders. DANGER: ADDICTION ALERT!
From the sound of it, optimism in the Church is running rampant than I thought. Agree? There's a one day poll on the side panel.


Anonymous said...

That game was just nasty to put on here! I decided to check emails before I go to bed & saw this on your blog. The only thing good is that I made it to 17 seconds.

Anonymous said...

ROFL, I'm about to say the same.

I had to quit at 11.766, tho', you awful awful man!

Anonymous said...

I made it all the way to 14.9

My supervisor made it to 22! She used to want to be a fighter pilot...

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and all the great quotes and advice you have on here! Of course, I now have one more thing to sacrifice for Lent! LOL

I made it 24 seconds, though!

Anonymous said...

I think the pattern repeats, so with practice I think anyone's time would improve.

Anonymous said...

I just read this...and since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday - thought appropriate.



Fr. V said...

You guys are talented. I can't get over 12 seconds!

Anonymous said...

You have GOT to read this link!

uncle jim said...

i've just wasted 15 minutes and never got to 13 seconds even
how do you get to carnegie hall?