Thursday, August 2, 2007


It seems that most people limit their understanding of the commandment “Though shall not take the name of thy Lord and God in vain” to using His name when they hit their thumb with a hammer. But it is much broader than that and the damage done by actions covered under this commandment is much more destructive than dropping the JC bomb when you see your cell phone bill.

One aspect of this sin is teaching in God’s name that which is not of God. An example of this in the news this past year tells of those who hold up signs at funerals that say, “God hates gays,” or “God hates military personnel.”

In like manner God and religion has been used to start and been blamed for so many wars throughout the centuries. Yet there has not been one war waged in the name of God. But God and religion has been used as a smoke screen for men’s greed, anger, and thirst for power. True Christianity is antithetical in most incidences of violence and hate. But if one looked back on the carnage caused in the supposed name of God it is understandable why the following 3 minute clip seems so meaningful to people. - Fox News does a smear piece on The Netherlands

Religion is seen as dangerous and toxic. Yet the alternative has led the Netherlands to legalized drugs and prostitution, gay marriage, polygamy, euthanasia, abortion, and it seems, soon to legalize the offering of a suicide pill. (Is it not interesting that in much the same way that abortion proponents will speak of choice and not abortion, the man promoting suicide procedures says that it is not about ending life, it is about ending suffering.)

Trying to avoid a “toxic and dangerous” atmosphere has led them right into the depths of toxicity and danger in less than a century. That is the hazard of taking the Lord God’s name in vane. We cannot allow this sin in our own lives nor can we accept our leaders waving God’s banner to manipulate the good faith of people or putting their agenda in God’s mouth. The consequences are too high.


Anonymous said...

Father V:
"Religion is seen as dangerous and toxic?" Everything goes except religion? In fact any public display of religion is shunned?

If they are so "progressive" everyone can do whatever they want, why can't they do religion?

How easily small cracks in the dam can lead to the entire wall collapsing.

Anonymous said...

I just recall the most humble person on earth in our day, the Supreme Pontiff perhaps to be called "the Great" one day, shouting, "In God's name, no more war!" That bore two meanings indeed, for Catholics but also, because he is Christ the King's own vicar, for the world: 1) In God's name, I ask for no more warring; but also, of course, no more warring in God's name. The first is a failure of man. The second is a failure of mankind. To war in God's name is the ultimate insult to a Father Who sent His only begotten Son to redeem us -- not the "many", but all -- that we may be One as He and the Father are One.

Odysseus said...

This is going to sound wimpy, but every time I read a "liberal" or secular" combox, I get scared. I just see a lot of angry, dangerous people and try not to imagine what they might do to me or my family in the future.

I mean, did anyone read the way these people interact? They are like wolves that talk.

Fr. V said...

Lots of good stuff here.

But . . .


What is a combox?

Odysseus said...

Fr V,

This is a combox. 'Comment box'

Fr. V said...


Okay, I'm embarrased.

Cathy said...

Don't be embarrassed, Father.
You gave me a chuckle.

(Like the people who say, "Can you help me find Michigan Avenue?"
Yeahhhhh, you're standing on it.)

BTW, I'm so stupid with technology it's ridiculous.
I don't know what HTML is, or what a firewall is, or anything.

Anonymous said...

HTML is short for "Have the Milanese Linguini" I think, and a firewall is a garden hose at a multi-fathered BBQ. I just found out what a "hot spot" is, but wikis and wi fi.. whew, I'm not even a blip on those screens. And I'd never before noticed blackberries have on/off buttons.. I'm going out back to look again.

Adoro said...

ma beck: HTML is a computer code used to embed certain things within text, like italics, etc.


That kind of thing.

I don't know a lot about it, just what it is. Sometimes there are variations of HTML on some websites, but then they provide a key so you can use whatever is compatible with their program.

Adoro said...

Um...apparently the HTML worked really well, even with spaces, so I don't know how to demonstrate the code without the code disappearing.