Saturday, August 11, 2007


It's out! Greg Wilits (if you do not already know it about it) announces the latest episode of "That Catholic Show" presented here for your viewing pleasure:

He also sent along some sites that you might wish to peruse. Here is the Rosary Army, SQPN, and That Catholic Show.


KAZ from NY sent this in to share with you:

The Diocese of Cleveland E-Newsletter asks, "Did you know that The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) is the largest private professional education organization in the world?" Check it out here.

Kay sent this in from CatholiCity. Thanks Kay!

While on vacation this past month and just before the midday Angelus, Pope Benedict XVI offered some powerful reflections on war. The Holy Father said: "War, with the mourning and destruction it brings, has always been rightly considered a calamity that contrasts with God’s plan. He created everything for existence and, in particular, wants to make a family of the human race." This is why the Catholic Community is being called to join "40 Days of Prayer, Fasting and Actions for Peace." Beginning on the Feast of St. Louis of France (August 25, 2007) and ending on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi (October 4, 2007), parishioners will have an opportunity to spend seven minutes a day in prayer, reflection and actions for peace.

And finally: Here is another picture from my time away last week. Don't fret, we were not roasting the cat. In fact, the cat was not even in the stove, she was sitting in front of the stove and her image was reflected in the glass. Odd enough to take a picture of I guess. Enjoy your Sunday!


Odysseus said...

Well, I think you should roast the cat.

I don't like 'em.

paramedicgirl said...

Welcome back, Father V! :} The billboard sign is a good one. I take it that's it's real, not a computer generated sign? Someone with a good sense of humour, for sure!