Friday, November 30, 2012



THANK YOU to everybody who contacted me to help me with my blog problems.  If you are experiencing the same problem and you are as much of a Luddite as I am and most of the advice on line makes absolutely no sense to you whatsoever, HERE IS A SITE where someone takes the time to hold you by the hand and walk you through the process.  Thank you so very much.
As it turns out it seems that Monday Diary cartoons are the really big culprit.  The largest picture one is suppose to have is 800 pixils I guess (whatever that means) and the cartoon pics were around 2,600 each.  IT TAKES TIME TO FIX but it is fixable.
Which brings me to a thought:  What on earth are we going to do if there is some sort of national calamnity?  I can't figure out how to put a picture in on my blog - if I had to, what would I do if I had to build a shelter, make my own clothes, catch and prepare a deer, build a fire to stay warm, remember which leaves not to use in the bathroom, pick the right mushrooms (which I wouldn't do anyway) and how to make tea out of blue spruce needles?  (How do you harvest a hamburger patty from a cow?  Do they peel off somehow?)
Don't get caught in a similar trap with the faith.  Why don't we use electic lights instead of candles?  Why don't we use (even really, really good) canned music instead of live music?  Why can't we watch Mass on T.V. instead of going to Church?  Why is a pipe organ better than an electric instrument meant to sound like a pipe organ?  Why can't we just sit still and listen instead of having to do Catholic arobics and sing all of time etc. etc. etc.  Because we do not want to be helpless needing to be spoon fed our faith should we be on our own.  If all of a sudden our support is no longer around us, we should be fitted out to carry on our faith and faith practices - not be completely shut down as I was with my blog because I couldn't understand what was happening to me.


MaryofSharon said...

:) So glad the link helped. It was kind of sad to see Adam's Ale beached for a few days.

So were you able to actually implement the instructions of that web site? They were kind of rambling. In other words, are those new photos today?

I like the way you were somehow able to tie this back into matters of life and faith. Researching this glitch actually caused me to do the same. I observed that an awful lot of people (not your commenters, of course!) really don't know what they are talking about or doing, and then they all offer advice based on stuff they don't really know. What you end up with is an entire community of blind people collectively leading each other blindly to who knows where. At least you were willing to admit you didn't know what you were doing.

It kind of speaks of our culture, most especially in matters of faith and morals, don't you think? Many are foolishly undiscriminating about whose opinion and advice is trustworthy. Thank God for the Catholic Church, who can be trusted to lead us with clarity. Too bad most folks don't listen to Her, but rather just blindly follow the blind masses.

The.Baroness.Von.Korf said...

Nice post Fr. V. I think I'm going to use that in my intro to Conformation class next year.