Friday, November 16, 2012


Things are wonderfully hectic here at the parish as we prepare for the organ dedication.  They are so busy that one would think that Christmas was this weekend (save that there are no decorations in the house.)  So rather than say anything lengthy or useful, I thought I would share this humorous little tidbit under the category “Nuptial Entertaining.”  It concerns what should be served for breakfast to your guests the day after the wedding.
To quote Mrs. Fenner:  “To serve more than four courses for a wedding breakfast is almost unheard of nowadays.  (You can say that again.)  For such a breakfast as we have been describing, four might be served, in which case a possible menu would be:


“Consume Madrilene

Lobster Newberg * Toast Points

Cold Ham in Aspic * Endive Salad

Pineapple Ice


“The following three course menus are also elaborate enough for a lavish breakfast:



Roast Duck with oranges * endive salad

Fruits refraische au rhum





Roast Squab with Wild Rice * Russian Salad

Chocolate Ice Cream




“Minted Fresh Pineapple

Chicken Eugene * Asparagus, butter sauce

Strawberry Mousse”




The traditional post nuptials breakfast in our family is potica and coffee.

Now to be fair she does offer other menus for less formal weddings but none of them include potica and coffee.
Only a couple times in my life have I had a breakfast like the ones mentioned above.  They were fun but I admit to rather a fan of “Farm Breakfasts” with a heavy emphasis on dairy and meat products. 


edl said...

Fr. V,

Try Fred's Diner on North Hill (Home Ave/Fouse) and make sure you order bacon. It's an experience. Restaurant motto "eat,pay,leave"

Hannah said...

Chocolate ice cream for breakfast? Roasted squab and/or lobster?

These breakfasts sound kind of crazy; I'd rather have the farm breakfast too.

Nan said...

Do you butter your potica? Or put ham on it?

Fr. V said...

edl I am so there!

Hannah - Meet me there!

Nan - NONONONO! It's not "or" but AND - toasted, buttered, with meat on it.

The.Baroness.Von.Korf said...

What exactly is Potica?

My post nuptial brunch was made up of crawfish fettuccine, shrimp etouffee, shrimp, shrimp pistolettes, Ham and eggs with potato, onions and mushrooms, and mimosas.

Fr. V said...

Dear Baroness,

You appear to me to be cooler and cooler every time you write! LOL!

MIMOSAS - a great start to a great marriage.