Sunday, April 22, 2007


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND - "Love that is hopeless, that cannot end in marriage, does one of two things; either it degrades or it exalts. It leaves its mark always, but that mark need not be a stain." - Mary Roberts Rineheart


You may remember an earlier post about the young lady from Saint Clare who joined the Sisters of Life in New York this year and was interviewed for a show on MTV. Well, as of yet we still do not have an air date though word is that its production is finished. However another interesting tidbit of news has emerged from this episode. Apparently the two women who worked on the segment (did the interviewing and the filming) were so impressed that they decided to start volunteering with the order. Is that cool or what?

This link will take you to the Vatican website.

I was sitting in the loft of the church and noticed the reflection of the windows in the light fixtures. I just thought it was neat and wanted to share it with you. Pictured is Saint Mary and Saint Clare.


Anonymous said...

reflections from the loft [nice play, eh?]:

i wonder if is safe to comment on these mere refelections - are they artistic/ - are they art? - are they only double shadows of the reality? -
can we photo-shop them and make something surreal beyond our current conciousness and really touch the mind of god? - if i nap and return later, will i see them the same way? - am i just gettting all exctited over nothing but reflections of some other reality i've not even considered?

oh, well - break time is over - gotta leave the loft and get down [;-)] to business.

Adoro said...

You get a lot of inspiration from that loft, don't you, Fr. V?

Fr. V said...

Drat! I wish I would have thought of that title Uncle Jim!You sound like Plato and his "Myth of the Cave."

Yes Adoro - lots of lofty ideas!

Anonymous said...

it has been a few years since i read him, but I still refer to the old guy once in awhile ... although he didn't cross my mind on this one - i missed it, but YOU saw it.

and the reality of the shadows on the wall, eh?

what is reality?

"Only the Shadow knows!"

Anonymous said...

re: "Only the Shadow knows!"



Adoro said...

That was really punny. Very very punny in here.