Monday, April 9, 2007


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FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “The Lord is not calling you because you are the strongest, most talented, or most qualified. The Lord is calling you because He loves you and He can work with you.” – Msgr ?

Quote II – “That does not mean that we should not enjoy ourselves. But rather that the universe has put us here for higher purposes than watching television reruns.” – Duane Elgin

In other news:

Now you will know the nefarious truth behind the Easter Bunny, that supposed cute, furry, little bunny that tries to steal attention away from the true message of this important day. Watch it if you dare!

In more serious matters, here is a video revealing what our nation is doing to itself by distorting our image of ourselves.


Anonymous said...

I heard a middle-school student bragging to another, "I got almost 4,000 songs on my i-Pod already." I saw an add about over 3,000,000 songs available to download on Napster. And if I asked the kids if the songs they listen to affects them, they'd say "no", they "just listen for the music, not the lyrics." Score a couple for Madison Avenue.

Just like the advertising video points out, all it took was increasing the volume [numbers] of ads, and using the six '-tions' to sell the message: imposition, repetition, composition, supposition, imagination, and gratification. Job done!

Satan has been the master of those tactics for thousands of years ... but, the Son is risen, Alleluia! The king of darkness has read the end of the book and keeps trying anyways - duh!

Odysseus said...

The bunny video reminds me of my older brothers telling me that the Easter Bunny had been killed in a drunk driving accident, the drunk driver being Santa Claus, who was now in jail. I cried Big Bunny tears.