Sunday, March 4, 2007


This seems appropriate considering that confirmation with Bishop Gries is just two weeks away here at Saint Clare:

And a couple of news bites sent out via the Diocese of Cleveland Weekly E-Newsletter:

Some insight into the drama that is "the discovery of the Body of Jesus." (Remind me to get excited later.)

If you have been following the Federal case against former employees of the Diocese of Cleveland, you know that those accused are now pointing fingers at our former bishop. This has not made it in the paper so I thought you might like to see the response from Bishop Emeritus Anthony M. Pilla.

PRAYER REQUEST: Apparently MTV will be doing some sort of story on the Sisters of Life in New York this Monday. One of our parishioners, Bridget, who was accepted into the order about six months ago, has been selected to be interviewed and has asked for prayers. That is her elbow at the right of the picture in a Time Magazine article.


uncle jim said...

are these "SIsters of Life" the same ones to whom Dawn regularly refers?

Fr. V said...


Dawn knows another Bridget however and I've told both of them to keep an eye for the other - I hope they bump into each other some day. They are both such great people. I think that they would enjoy each other.