Saturday, April 28, 2007


(Notice I skipped the Roman numerals last week. Now, how will I announce the 30th Sunday video?)


The people at This Rock report this month that Pope Benedict the XVI so believes that beauty is essential to the faith that he has picked fourteen images from the Church's treasury of art that must be reproduced in all future editions of the CCC. Taking his cue they will soon be adding an art section to the apologetics materials. Mark Schrauzer will be helping them in the endeavour. You can see his website here.

The Diocese of Cleveland Weekly E-Newsletter announces the the Diocese' new website. You can visit it here.

Today is World Day of Prayers for Vocations. Please pray not only for an increase of vocations but for those who are considering or actively pursuing vocations to the priestly and religious life. If you know of someone you think may have a vocation, please recommend it that person.

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where do you, how do you, find these wonderful clips?