Tuesday, September 11, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "It might even be time to sacrifice what you love best, so that you can become who you might become, instead of staying who you are."  from Jordan Peterson's, "12 Rules for Life"

QUOTE II:  "If you cease to utter falsehoods and live according to the dictates of your conscience, you can maintain your nobility, even when facing the ultimate threat; if you abide, truthfully and courageously, by the highest of ideals, you will be provided with more security and strength than will be offered by any shortsighted concentration on your own safety; if you live properly, fully, you can discover meaning so profound that it protects you even from the fear of death."  same source.


Guess who got skunked last night!  He wasn't (isn't) happy but it was a bonding moment - well - night for the priests at St. Sebastian.  The skunk was a surprise for him when he went sniffing under the slide in the playground.  OHHHHH it was bad.  Thank goodness for baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and Dawn!

Our 8th grade day school students are heading out to Shanksville today for the dedication of the Flight 93 Memorial.  Find some press coverage HERE and HERE.

A. B. sent in an article HERE that is a little more clear than average as to why young adults leave the faith.  I found it helpful.  Thanks.

Here's proof from Schneider Park that fall is on the way . . . 

Tomorrow night Fr. Jacob Bearer will be speaking at Theology on Tap Akron!

It is time for something light.  Thank you R.B.!


Anonymous said...

Poor Chester. Such a good boy. Apparently he has never watched Pepe Le Pew cartoons and doesn't know better (or *didn't* - assuming he knows better now!) He looks very sad.

God bless you, Fr. S, Fr. T, and the lads - Sue, OFS

Pat said...

I hope the rememdy didn't whiten Chester's fur.

One part Dawn, one part baking soda and 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide is great for cleaning collar grime on white shirts! Gently scrub it into the stains, wait an hour and launder as usual.