Tuesday, September 28, 2010


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “It should not be surprising that a man who cannot, or does not, usually report a fire or an aeroplane crash or a public meeting without getting the principle names wrong, is expected to report correctly a new theory of the nature of matter or the nature of man.” G. K. Chesterton from “Saner Science”

QUOTE II:It may be that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but the wheel that needs constant greasing is eventual thrown out and replaced.” Anon.


The Ruth Institute is a project of the National Organization for Marriage. In an Email they sent out a wonderful suggestion of a book available through Pauline Books. There is an excellent section in it about " Women, Sex and the Church: A Case for Catholic Teaching."

Fr. Damian writes, "One of my favorite priests is coming to "regular" television in October, at least for those who get WGN on their basic cable package; WGN is a local Chicago station. Your blogs readers might be interested." Thanks D! Here the link.

This little tidbit in the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter might be interesting to Saint Sebastianites since our new Sacred Heart Statue came from St. Procops. "It was just a little more than a year ago that St. Procop's parish on Cleveland's near West-side was closed as part of the Diocesan Reconfiguration plan. Media attention focused on the fact that St. Procop's would no longer be offering local residents a hot meal program." Read more here. We will be blessing our new shrine this Sunday after the 11:00 Mass.
This is a great video - except for some very unfortunate profanity. That it is here tells you that there is substance - but if you are easily offended do not - Do Not - DO NOT even watch it. I don't want to hear about it. Thanks to Mike for sending it in. Go teachers!


Anonymous said...

Taylor Mali--Wow!

I used to have teachers that made me do my best--and they were backed up by my father, who accepted no less.

Trevor said...

Great video.

Anonymous said...

East of Eden

Some people's feet will never leave concrete;
Sojourning further from fresh grown, green grass
Swaying in fields for fair Maidens that pass
Each mourning fallen, Valor in the street
Where each step regrets each breath in retreat,
From Life unexamined, until the Mass
On Sunday, shatters, their maze like stained glass
Swallowing the flesh and blood of defeat.
For the wise know Nature is Satan's Church
In the Pine, the Cedar, the Oak or Birch.
All Trees are Knowledge and shall as spears rise
To drive out the dead devotees of Sin;
Searing the path lost from Truth to begin,
All Trees are Life! The Nazarene's demise!