Tuesday, September 21, 2010


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: Perfection is not achievement. Perfection lies in untiring striving.” David Rast O.S.B.

QUOTE II: “It is difficult to deep a revolution of freedom and justice going when there is satiation.” Walter Brueggamen


Here is something I accidentally stumbled upon which may be of particular interest to Catholic bloggers out there. It is a site that ranks the top Catholic blogs. Adam's Ale is tied for 143rd place out of the top 200 Catholic blogs. This and more rankings can be found here at Divine Life. If you would like read about the methodology for the ranking look here.

Here is a cute one minute video of a dog saying grace.

This came in the Email yesterday. It is a source for Catholic posters.

H. sent in a notice about the Cleveland Museum of Art having a reliquary show on October 17th. Mark your calendars! Thanks H.

Don't forget! C. S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters are coming to Cleveland in mid October. For more details look here.

Here is a 9 minute video about what is right with the Catholic Church (how does he remember it all?:

Along the same lines - Rosemary has this great post on her blog. She gave it a lot of prayer and time (5 months!) This is her reasons for being Catholic. Thanks for sharing it!


Pat said...

Father, the Cleveland Museum of Art's permanent collection has a reliquary containing a bone from St. Sebastian. The relic itself looked to be about 1 1/2 inches high.

Last week, my sister and I accidentally came across it in the lower level of the 1916 Building, where they are displaying items from Greece, Rome, Egypt and the Middle Ages. I have its picture on my cell phone. Does our parish know that the Museum has a relic of our Patron Saint?

Augustina said...

Don't know if I'll see it...But watching this only proves even more that the traditional Latin Mass of the ages must be brought back into all our Churches, as the Holy Father Pope Benedict has declared. And as he says, that he wants the youth to become familiarized with it. Thanks be to God, Cleveland has the Latin Mass at St. Stephen's on W. 54th off Lorain and also Immaculate Conception Church on Superior. And to all thos pastors and priests who are trying their best to keep the Latin Mass out of OUR Churches, they will have to answer for their disobedience to the Pope. They WILL have to answer!

Anonymous said...

St. Sebastian has the Latin Mass at 1:00 pm every Sunday. We are glad to have this Community--more people praying in our parish.