Sunday, April 6, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “Laws and principles are not just for those times except when there’s temptation.” From Jane Eyre – Bronte

QUOTE II – “Love may be blind, but not the neighbors.” Kurt Vondegut


Yes, this book actually exists. My counsins showed it to me and I had it in my hot little hands. “Joseph and Chico; The Life of Pope Benedict XVI as Told by a Cat” by Jeane Perego, Ignatius Press, San Francisco. Just thought you would like to know such a thing exists. “A biography unlike any other because it is told by a cat, an it’s not every day that you find a cat who can call himself a friend of the Holy Father and who decides to write this life’s story . . . I can assure you everything you will find inthis book is all true and interesting.” It must be noted, however, that I did fail to find the imprimatur.

This is how far I was behind in my reading. Here is an excellent article on Chant by Lucy Carroll in Adoremus that may already be found on line.

The Vatican exhibit is coming to Cleveland this summer. Come by and see it. Here and here is some info.

Okay, you wouldn't think that this game is adDictive but it is. Get it away from me. WARNING: ADDICTION LEVEL HIGH.


Adoro said...

Nope. Neighbors aren't blind. And tonight, I'm grateful. Although he couldn't do anything to help me, my neighbor saw I was having problems and came out to help.

About the Cleveland Vatican exhibit...can't WAIT!

uncle jim said...

It is coming to the Twin Cities when it leaves Cleveland.

Fr. V said...



Anonymous said...

I know...I'm expecting you all to come up here to see it then. :-P

Besides, if I go to Cleveland to see it, then it's a "one-up" on my friends here!

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

I NEED that book with Chico and little Joseph! My 87-year-old father is into all things Benedict and I think this would be right up his alley (he was excited to receive Jesus of Nazareth for Christmas but admits that it was tough reading.)

Fr. V said...

Cathy -

Sunday there will be a link to all things Benedict. (It might be advisable not let your Dad see it.)