Thursday, April 10, 2008



Are you happy that it is Friday? Not I. I love Mondays. But then again, I work in the weekend and have Tuesdays away.

Be that as it may, today we are, of course, still celebrating Easter as we are smack dab in the middle of the Easter season. Today is also Saint Stanislaus Day (1709; as bishop of Krakow he assisted the poor; personally slain by the oppressive and savage king, Boleslaus II; patron of Poland.)

But what if it were not in the Easter Season? What if there were no saint or other occasion to celebrate? Don’t worry! Catholics have it covered. We always have a reason to celebrate. Whenever there is “nothing” to celebrate (other than the glorious and overwhelming gift of our salvation and the gift of Jesus in the Sacraments) we have default occasions to celebrate. WE WILL NOT BE LEFT WITHOUT SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE OF BE THANKFUL FOR!

Since the 16th century Catholic piety has assigned entire months to a particular reason to celebrate. Most traditionally this month (April) would be dedicated to The Blessed Sacrament. Can you name the other month’s dedications?

The old Missal provided a votive mass for each day of the week to be used if a feast day is not being celebrated. They can still be found in the new Missal though they are not still quite so prescribed. But the tradition of having an otherwise unclaimed day be claimed still exists. Today would be dedicated to The Sacred Passion. Can you name the rest?



This was seen over at Servant and Servant.


Yes, this is a light Friday post and therefore, we shall DANCE! Welcome to dance party Friday.


Father Schnippel said...

I am so stealing that!

Please don't judge the rest of Cincinnati because of this!

Anonymous said...

Jan.: Holy Name of Jesus
March: St Joseph
May: Blessed Virgin Mary
June: Sacred Heart
July: Precious Blood
September: 7 Dolours Of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Her and my birthday too)
October: Holy Rosary
November: All Souls
Laurie and I are in Marblehead (playing hookey) so she helped. She says you"re crazy!!LOL


Odysseus said...

I could only take 23 5-year olds. It would've been more, but I've got balance problems due to inner ear damage.

Otherwise, I am an old-fashioned, well-experienced, dirty-fighter who won't hesitate to sock the crap out of anyone that swings on me!

Adoro said...

I was born during the month of the Sacred Heart...and on the day John Paul II was baptized. :-)

And I grew up with the Sacred Heart all over the one of my main devotions, too.

Fr. S. ~ THIEF! lol

I'm happy it's Friday because I'm off work today...been working on theology all day. My brain is full. Can I be excused?

paramedicgirl said...

I can only take 12 five year olds. Weird quiz! Wonder who thought that one up?

Odysseus said...

Only 12?

Look, I'm all for morality and restraint, but when a pack of them try to swarm me, I get medieval!