Saturday, April 19, 2008


There IS hope. I'll grant you that there is sadly a lack of any mention of the God through whom we have life and who is the cause of our hope. But this is still inspiring especially if we take from the perspective of a people who assume that our Loving Father is the basis from which this hope springs. (Approximately 2 mins.)


HEAR YE, HEAR YE! Jay announces the opening of Catholic Carnival 168!

For those of you who read The Priest magazine (I realize it might have limited appeal with the general public) I have an article coming out in the May issue.

We here at St. Clare have been pondering using blogs for a couple of ministries to keep people informed about goings on. (The website thing is just not happening.) Here is a good site where they are using a blog for use by the youth at Our Lady of Victory. It might be a place for you to seek out good ideas. Don't you know they (Thanks Wayne - who just happens to work with Fr. Schnipple.)

CATHOLIC SCRIPTURE STUDY IS BACK! Rob announces that everything is back on track for those of you interested in reading and studying Scriptures together on live. Check his site out HERE.


Anonymous said...

Can I have an autographed copy of the magazine? :-P

What's the article about?

Anonymous said...

Once the article is out can we access it online?


Fr. V said...

Adoro - yeah - that and $25 will get you a cup of coffee!

MJ - Yes - when I it comes up I'll let you know.