Thursday, April 10, 2008


I cannot believe that I am posting this. But Fr. F sent this in and I must admit I would have loved to have seen the network muckity mucks sitting around and deciding what they wanted to the American Idol contestants to sing. "How about a blatant praise song to Jesus Christ?" Well they did. Nothing else proves the presence of the power of the Holy Spirit in the word I suppose. Enjoy. (Approximately 3 minutes.)

Jay announceth Catholic Carnival 167 is available for your reading pleasure.

Kaz, our correspondent from New York, sent this in. Looking for Ben-o-bilia? Look no further. You can also look here for more information on the Pope's visit and here for even more "Official D.C. Papal Visit Merchandise".
Lilliam Marie sent in a story about the Archdiocese of St. Louis opening up a sacred music institute.

Speaking of which, I hope they do something about the current state of mildly heretical elevator music in the Church which brings us to another article proposed for you reading called, "Heretical Hymns."


uncle jim said...

i've never seen more than a couple of minutes of this program on a 'flip-by'

wish i'd seen this one

Rich said...

Perhaps any hymn written by a former St. Louis Jesuit could be banded? Please? Just for a while?