Monday, April 30, 2007


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything for certain and which has as its goal one’s own ego and one’s own desire.” – Pope Benedict XVI

QUOTE II – “We are at a time for the Church in our country when some Catholics – too many – are discovering that they’ve gradually become non-Catholics who happen to go to Mass.” – Chaput

QUOTE III – “Why do dissenters stick around? That, gentlemen, is why you need a Church and a teaching magistarium.” – Fr. Bendict Groeschel.


Fr. D. sent in some interesting information. You may remember the talk given at his parish by Colleen Carroll Campbell which was reported here. She has sent news that she is now writing a new weekly op-ed column in the St. Louise Post-Dispatch each Thursday and it can be read on their website. In it she wishes to show how religion, politics, and culture interplay. You can read her first article here.

Also the second season of her show “Faith and Culture” is debuting on EWTN. For more information look here.


Here are the answers to Monday’s quiz.


1. THE POPE – Your Holiness 2. CARDINAL – Your Eminence 3. PATRIARCH – Your Beatitude 4. PRO-NUNCIO – Your Excellency 5. ARCHBISHOP – Your Excellency 6. BISHOP – Your Excellency 7. ABBOT – Your Excellency 8. MONSIGNOR – Monsignor 9. PRIEST – Father 10. DEACON – Deacon 11. RELIGIOUS (MALE) – usually Father if ordained, otherwise Brother 12. RELIGIOUS (FEMALE) – Sister 13. SEMINARIAN – Mister 14. PRINCE GRAND MASTER OF MALTA – Your Highness 15. THE GRAND MASTER, THE EQUESTRIAN ORDER OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE OF JERUSALEM – Your Eminence

14 Right? – Your Holiness! (Monsignor Manners would be proud!)
11 Right? – Your Eminence
9 Right? – Your Excellency
7 Right? – Liturgist
5 Right? – Better go to Ecclesial Etiquette school if you are going to host this party.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I only got 6 right and I thought I'd do better. I thought Deacon was addressed as Rev. Mr.!

Adoro said...

I'm with mj, I actually thought that the Deacon was addressed as Rev. Mr., also - I've heard the term used, although it always strikes me as kinda funny. And of course I also thought that he should be addrssed as "Deacon."

So the next time I see our Deacon I'll just call him "Reverend Mr. Deacon X." and see what he says. :-)

When I was in the FD we had a test because we had to know how to address our superiors. I believe some of the options for the Chief (THE Chief, that is) were "His Highness", "His Royal Highness" and some other such nonsense. It was hysterical.

Thanks for the list...I'll never remember it all but I don't think I'm real likely to meet such a cast of players.

Oh, and can I say that you always find the BEST quotes!

Anonymous said...

Adoro,I was thinking about that (I really need to get a life lol) and I think the key word is address. A Deacon's title is Rev. Mr. but we address him as Deacon. Just as a priest's title is Rev. but we address him as Fr. Does that make sense or I could be totally off base!

Fr. V said...

Thanks Adoro. I keep a Quote Journal. Every times something rings true or at least thoughtworthy I jot it down.

Rev. Mr. does not exists as an actual title in the Church. It is a complete invention I believe. The only true title is Deacon - but I suppose it would be rude to argue with someone who wishes to be called - well - whatever he or she wants within reason.

It is similar to a priest who is not the pastor being titled "Associate Pastor" which was often mixed up with the title pastoral associate. I never used the title myself thinking it rather inane - not the least reason being is that IT DOESN'T REALLY EXIST. In fact, we just got a memo from the bishop not too far back - we are no longer to be referred to as associate pastors, we are to be called by the proper title parochial vicar.

What do you know? Once again I was cutting edge. ;>)

Adoro said...

Fr. V., I can believe that people would get Assoc. Pastor mixed up with Pastoral Associate...although I would never make that mistake. Usually the former is a male wearing a Roman Collar who provides us with the Sacraments, and the latter is a female in a pants suit who likes to go around putting sand in the holy water fonts and recruiting altar girls.

Oh, dear...did I say that out LOUD?

Our parish still calls them "Associate Pastor". But then again, we're huge so we have an army of priests. You should see our church during Saturday mornign and afternoon is the coming of the priests. I mean, you'd think you're in a Catholic Church or something...they're coming in from all directions!

I just wish I could talk one of them into dropping in via parachute in order to complete the picture.

Not sure what all that has to do with this, but it's fun to discuss! :-)

Odysseus said...

-Usually the former is a male wearing a Roman Collar who provides us with the Sacraments, and the latter is a female in a pants suit-

Oh, my! LOL! Now I'm laughing.

Anonymous said...

Wow Adoro, you are lucky! We only have one priest at our parish - the pastor! We have prayer services twice a week instead of daily mass and if he's sick or gets called away on an emergency daily mass becomes a prayer service as well! Not to mention the load he has to carry on a daily basis! Quite a few parishes in our diocese are in the same boat.