Saturday, April 14, 2007


Today is Low Sunday, Dominicana In Albis, Quasi Modo Sunday, the Second Sunday of our Easter celebration, and of course, Divine Mercy Sunday. Here is a faith shot in the arm to help you celebrate!


R.B. has graciously begun the construction of the Adam’s Ale domain. (THANKS!) I’m excited. There is not much there yet but if you want to see it:

The greatest secret the Church ever tried not to keep: it’s social justice teaching. Here is a site that I accidentally stumbled upon if this interests you.

This is too cool! Kaz from NY sent this site. It is a twenty four hour media stream of the Vatican. Wait! Is that Fr. O. I see? Shouldn’t he be studying?

The Diocese of Cleveland E-newsletter sends this link for Catholic job hunters.


On Friday night, a few priests, seminarians, and a bunch of friends went to go see Into Great Silence” here in Cleveland. I recommend the following if you are going to go see it.

First, for anyone over six feet (as I am) be prepared. I went to go see the four-hour Hamlet a number of years ago. I was much better prepared. I brought pillows to be comfortable through it. Theater seats were not designed for us. Bring a pillow or two. It will make the event much more enjoyable.

We were in one of the smaller screening rooms and it was pretty much packed. When we left it was not only dark outside, the rest of the theater was dark and abandoned. We should have gone out and talked after but it was late and (some of us) were tired. But consider having time to discuss the movie afterwards. As I bump into people or hear from them by Email the big question is, "So what did you think?" It would have been great to be able to talk about what each of us took away from the experience that night.

Prepare yourself to see this film. Go intending to contemplate as if praying for it is a beautiful, contemplative film! But don’t go expecting to see “a movie” as such.

And be wary if you join this order and they hand you a blue habit.

I hope you enjoy!


Adoro said...

Hi, Fr. V.!

I am really jealous I didn't get to see this movie...sounds like a retreat experience. Who coulnd't use that?

And I checked out your website...very cool. The "my philosophy" link doesn't go anywhere what is your philosophy? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Fr. V!

I'm glad you suggested the movie. I was a little leary about bringing Mark (not being Catholic, I didn't think it would be his "style.") But he actually liked it!

You mentioned that there were a few scenes you could have done without and I would agree with you there, but overall we thought it was a really cool movie. Especially the scenery/cinematography. Since we both enjoy photography, we agreed that so much of the film was like photos we would take and hang on our wall! It was really beautiful.

This movie made me want to go home and pray. I admit I don't pray nearly enough, and seeing all that praying going on really inspired me to work on my own prayer life.

As Adoro mentioned, it really was like a retreat experience. I mentioned to Mark on the way home that I had always wanted to go on a silent retreat, and seeing this really inspired me to do it right away.

He said "why don't you start right now?" : - P

I tell you, everyone is a comedian! ; - )

Fr. V said...

Adoro - Thanks. And so far I haven't had a thing to do with it. Now that it is up and running I need to meet and start filling in.

Philosophy isn't done yet. I've never laid out my philosophy chapter and verse. I find that rather daunting.

Silvana - I am so glad you loved the movie too. I thought the same thing - "I'd love to have that shot on my wall."

The three things I keep hearing from people who saw the movie is, "I should get rid of all the stuff I have - I should pray more - I want to go on retreat." How many movies can claim that?

SO cool that you want to go on retreat. If I can help, let me know.

Glad Mark enjoyed it!