Tuesday, March 14, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "'Something like an addiction to addiction plays a roll in all addiction . . . Addiction itself . . . is tempting; it has many attractive features.'  In an empty world people have a need to need."  Christopher Caldwell quoting Francis F. Seeburger in the April 2017 First Things article "American Carnage"

QUOTE II:  "In addiction, as in more mainstream endeavors, the lords of hedonism are the slaves of money."  from the same article


Last Wednesday northeast Ohio looked like this with Sebastian and Addicus playing in the pond:
 Six days later it looked like this:
Apparently what the second graders told me yesterday (honestly, I never heard this before) is that putting your pajamas in the freezer and flushing ice cubes down the toilet (difficult to do when you have the water saving kind) causes snow storms.  To them I say, "In MY day we just prayed for snow (the 1970's) and we had LOTS MORE days off than you!  Take note!"  Happy snow day everybody!

Don't miss this Wednesday when there will be confessions at all Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Cleveland from 5 to 8PM.  If it is still raging outside come!  It will be warm and the lines shorter! 
Also tomorrow, St. Sebastian pre-school and kindergarten will have an open house:
There will be a fantastic concert this Sunday at St. Sebastian.  One of the featured pieces will be dueling organs!  Free and open to the public.  Here is a chance to enjoy some beauty during our Lenten season:

 Deacon Terry Peacock will begin his Lenten Mission NEXT Tuesday at 7PM in the Church
Make plans now to catch Fr. Orndorff, pastor of St. Joseph at the next Theology on the Rocks.  Get there early.  Last time we were sold out even before the doors officially opened!  Fr. O is entertaining no matter what he is talking about.
If you want a more spiritually intense concert for Lent, mark your calendar for April 9th at St. Sebastian for the "Seven Last Words of Christ."  Free and open to the public.
Due to high winds and power outages, the last Theology on Tap Akron had to be cancelled.  There will not be one April due to Easter.  But mark your calendars now for the May 10th return of ToT Akron with, "Growing Up Catholic: Catholic Adulting."
Somebody, I won't say who, had a significant birthday last week.  If you stop by her office I think you will figure it out.  Happy Birthday!
Matt W. sent in a picture of another great priestly beard:

This is pretty cool:

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MaryofSharon said...

What a delight to find the Siervas sisters on your blog! I met one of them at a conference recently. She was wonderfully, beautifully joyful! She showed us the music video they did on the helicopter pad ("Confia en Dios" or "Trust in God") and translated it into English for us as we listened. She said the words with such passion that it brought tears to my eyes. Somebody put up a not-so-perfect English translation recently, so you can get a sense of the words. The best part is the radiance of those sisters!