Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Each of us has a decision to make today and there are (basically) two choices.

Choice #1 - Lent is a terrible time of trial.  There are extra Masses, confessions, Stations of the Cross, focusing in my faults, giving things up, doing things I promised to do, extra praying, alms giving (ugh)  and so forth.  I am going to be miserable I can’t wait until just after midnight on Easter morning so I can chuck it all and start living again.

Choice #2 - Lent is AWESOME!  Through discipline and focus, I will become a better person spiritually, mentally, and physically.  I will become more like the person God created me to be.  It is like exercise or practice, defiantly not always fun, but the results are always worth it.  And the best part about it is, as I walk around today, I will notice that there are crazy amounts of my brothers and sisters with ashes on their foreheads that are doing the exact same thing.  We are one giant community of people setting out to improve themselves and this world.

So there you go. 


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