Tuesday, March 7, 2017


FINDNG TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "How humbling it is that the Father who made the trees and the animals, the world in all its wonders, the universe and all it grander, our galaxy in all of its majesty, and the cosmos in all of its beauty, thought that all that needed one of me."  This is not a direct quote - it was part of a talk by Chase Bills (St. Sebastian Parishioner) for the First Friday Club of Greater Akron.  Perhaps it would be more fair to say this is the way her comment stuck with me rather than a direct quote.


If you are interested in hearing more from the First Friday Club of Greater Akron, go HERE.

Sr. Maria Anna Melody wrote in to say, "I am writing you today to invite you to a superb grace available  through a series of radio shows available on this website through Radio Maria.  Mother Jacinta Miryam gave a 4 months weekly radio show about a small booklette written by Pope Leo XIII called Practice of Humility.    This booklette was given to Mother when she was a brand new Sister.  The Holy Spirit spoke to her very clearly about the meaning of humility at the beginning of her religious life."  Find out more HERE.

You can print the booklet for yourself HERE.

I was caught dancing with Fr. Pfeiffer's Mom at our last concert:

Concerning yesterday's post:  Kevin sent in this picture of a truly epic priestly beard from the days of yore.  AWESOME!

Christopher P. puts our homiletic podcast together.  Recently he sent in this information that I found interesting:

Here we go….
401 people have listened to the St. Sebastian podcast.

Top 10 Cities
1)      San Francisco, CA (?)
2)      Akron, OH (?)
3)      Chicago, IL
4)      Barberton, OH (this is not me!)
5)      San Jose, CA
6)      Houston, TX
7)      Singapore, Singapore
8)      Ashburn, VA
9)      Cuyahoga Falls, OH
10)   Hudson, OH

Top 6 Countries with number of downloads 
1)      United States 305 
2)      India 33 
3)      Singapore 15
4)      Sri Lanka 13
5)      United Kingdom 8
6)      Puerto Rico 5 

Most listened to homilies
1)      1/22 St. Sebastian Feast Day Homily (Fr. V)
2)      2/6/11 Fifth Sunday in OT (Fr. V) Your “Spices from Barberton Chicken at the Slovene Center” homily from 2011… When you’re on vacation or when the recorder craps out for whatever reason, I listen to the homilies from the same week 3/6 years ago so I can get a homily from the same readings.  I pick them because they’re my favorite, or to get Deacon Terry up there occasionally or something.
3)      2/13/11 Sixth Sunday in OT (Fr. P) For Catholic Charities week, I put up an old Fr. Pfeiffer homily for variety. 


2,083 downloads of the homilies

All time most listened to pieces….
1)      4/28/16 – Fr. Kovacina’s Mystagogy speech at Faith Lodge.  This has been downloaded almost a hundred (!!!!) times.  (92)
2)      6/16/16 – 13th Sunday in OT (Fr. V) – This was your “Ring the bells after the Cavs win” homily.  Also, I see what page directs people to the homilies, so I can see whether they come from stsebastian.org or iTunes, or wherever… this one was directed to most from your blog (13 times) (77)
3)      4/17/16 – 4th Sunday of Easter (Fr. V) – I didn’t label this one… I’m listening to it now... This was your homily recalling a bit about your vocation story, and Catherine Paparella taking you to an Extraordinary Form Mass.  It seems to be Vocation Sunday?  I didn’t know we pre-empted an Easter Sunday?  Now I do. (64)
4)      7/31/16 – 18th Sunday in OT (Fr. V) – “Poverty is not Holiness” – Your diaconal retreat to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Center… but the real homily was a bit here on a drug user and a Christian Counselor… who turned out to be a wrong number. (63)
5)      12/11/16 – Gaudete Sunday/3rd Sunday of Advent (62)

If should want to listen to a homily today, HERE is where you go.

Well . . . there does seem to be a Lego craze as of late . . . 

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