Monday, March 6, 2017


I realize that today's post may have limited appeal.

A couple of days ago, Fr. Pfeiffer and I were discussing "Beards of the Diocese."  There are some truly amazing beards out there.  Fr. P classified them by their power to awe and inspire.  Here is an example of some of them:
The interesting thing I am discovering is how many Catholic Beard Balm companies that are out there.  It just makes it seem like such a Catholic thing.
It is a great conversation starter for guys.  We don't often reach out and talk to other guy strangers but a beard is a lot like a dog.  They are a gateway to conversation.
It's a brotherhood thing - one of the few uniquely masculine things one can do that is not politically incorrect.
Although I will admit I have complimented a guy on his beard only to be chastised by a wife, girlfriend, or mother who, with stern eyebrows, will say, "Don't encourage him."  But I do, even for those who are merely trying.
Not everybody is excited about the project.


Odysseus said...

Awesome. The majestic beard was the best one.

Kevin Hammer said...

Historically great beard: Fr. Gloden:

Pat said...

" . . . one of the few uniquely masculine things one can do that is not politically incorrect."

Well, those who do not naturally have testosterone or do not have an "androgen-producing tumor" will need to find a way to get testosterone: "ask your gender specialist or endocrinologist to prescribe testosterone for you; nothing else will do it."

So, indeed, naturally occurring beards are truly a "uniquely masculine thing."

Maria J. said...

Keep it! Keep it! Keep it!

Chris P. said...

If God decides he needs a new Old-Testament-Style-Prophet, I don't think it will take him long what diocese to pick from, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Where would the Byzantine/Eastern rite priests fit in? They have some pretty powerful beard action!

Anonymous said...

Will Fr. Klonowski need a pushcart for that beard when he runs in the upcoming Boston Marathon? Or will it be time to say, "bye bye, beard"?

Matt W said...

Another great picture of Fr. Gloden:

And where is Fr. Kovacina on the scale?