Monday, March 6, 2017


I realize that today's post may have limited appeal.

A couple of days ago, Fr. Pfeiffer and I were discussing "Beards of the Diocese."  There are some truly amazing beards out there.  Fr. P classified them by their power to awe and inspire.  Here is an example of some of them:
The interesting thing I am discovering is how many Catholic Beard Balm companies that are out there.  It just makes it seem like such a Catholic thing.
It is a great conversation starter for guys.  We don't often reach out and talk to other guy strangers but a beard is a lot like a dog.  They are a gateway to conversation.
It's a brotherhood thing - one of the few uniquely masculine things one can do that is not politically incorrect.
Although I will admit I have complimented a guy on his beard only to be chastised by a wife, girlfriend, or mother who, with stern eyebrows, will say, "Don't encourage him."  But I do, even for those who are merely trying.
Not everybody is excited about the project.


Robert Paxton said...

Awesome. The majestic beard was the best one.

Kevin Hammer said...

Historically great beard: Fr. Gloden:

Pat said...

" . . . one of the few uniquely masculine things one can do that is not politically incorrect."

Well, those who do not naturally have testosterone or do not have an "androgen-producing tumor" will need to find a way to get testosterone: "ask your gender specialist or endocrinologist to prescribe testosterone for you; nothing else will do it."

So, indeed, naturally occurring beards are truly a "uniquely masculine thing."

Maria J. said...

Keep it! Keep it! Keep it!

Chris P. said...

If God decides he needs a new Old-Testament-Style-Prophet, I don't think it will take him long what diocese to pick from, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Where would the Byzantine/Eastern rite priests fit in? They have some pretty powerful beard action!

Anonymous said...

Will Fr. Klonowski need a pushcart for that beard when he runs in the upcoming Boston Marathon? Or will it be time to say, "bye bye, beard"?

Matt W said...

Another great picture of Fr. Gloden:

And where is Fr. Kovacina on the scale?