Tuesday, February 15, 2011


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “How interesting that Catholics were asked not what was most important but what was most “meaningful.” Are these the same thing? . . . If meaningfulness has become the new yardstick by which we measure the sacraments, how can we then deny this sacrament – or any other – to someone when it means so much to them?” Dr. Phillippa Martyr

QUOTE II: “Now, hospitality seems far too important, to me, to learn at college. Hospitality is an ancient art. The art of welcoming the stranger, providing good, being warm and welcoming and generous. It is very much the realm of womanly art, perhaps as a branch of housekeeping; and as such, it would normally be taught to a child by his mother.” Nancy Carpenter Brown


Fr. P. AND Lynn sent in this (once again nothing to do with this blog) amazing video. Approximately 2 and half minutes. Hand Dancing.

Pat sent this 2 minute video in. Thanks.

Russ sent this 5 minute video in - with no connection to this blog except for pure entertainment value.

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