Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Here is an examination of conscience that my mother gave to me when I was a young adult. I changed it a little bit. It isn’t the kind to use for a confession it is more of just a general indicator of where you are. I found it very insightful and it changed some ways of my thinking and pointed out others with which I deal to this day.

Here we go! Enter at your own risk. There are three questions. Pick the answer that comes closest to your response and then ponder what that means.

1 A friend was supposed to pick you up (or meet you somewhere) at the top of the hour. He is now late. Your first reaction is:

a) I hope that he is Okay. I’ll say a prayer just in case.
b) Great! Maybe I can finish my rosary.
c) I’m going to sit here and try to be understanding. Breath. Breath.
d) Typical. I will make a subtle hint that I was here. On time. Waiting.
e) Where is he?! What a jerk. I HATE waiting. Even if he is bleeding on the side of the road he has a cell phone he COULD call.

2 There is an unexpected traffic jam. Your first reaction is:

a) Maybe there is an accident. I’ll say a prayer for them just in case and for people with greater emergencies than mine who find themselves trapped on the road.
b) Great! Maybe I can finish my rosary.
c) I’m going to try and control my anger. Relax. Relax. Turn on classical music . . .
d) There BETTER be something to see at the end of this. Stupid people. Better make some calls.
e) DON’T THESE PEOPLE KNOW THAT I HAVE A LIFE? How could this happen to ME? AGAIN? No, no, no! You are NOT getting in my lane. You chose poorly. LIVE WITH IT! Oh! The inhumanity of it all!

3 A clerk at a store is rude to you. You first reaction is:

a) Thank you God for that test and bless that person.
b) Must be a rough day. I wonder what happened? I’ll say a prayer for her.
c) I’m going to keep my mouth shut if it kills me. Shake it off, shake it off.
d) “What is a witty comment I could use that lets this clerk know that she is out of line and a jerk but makes me look like a needlessly persecuted angel?”
e) Well I’m having a bad day to sweaty and NOBODY is paying ME to be nice today. What does your name tag read? HA! You think things are bad NOW? What till I turn your name in and tell your boss that I will no longer be shopping here because of you. Maybe they’ll give me a discount as an incentive to come back! Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll never get around to that. I’ll just pray a rosary against her.


Anonymous said...

I love the (a) answers. Certainly not my first response but in the future will try to go there. Thanks too your mother for her compassion and her wisdom.

Catholic in Action said...

I agree with Anonymous above. My best friend, Don, always says when something is delayed or I'm unavoidably getting somewhere late..."Jesus has a plan for this". He's always right. Jesus usually has a better plan-whether to avoid an accident or surprise me with an unexpected visit. God is good. Thanks for your mom's advise!