Sunday, April 22, 2018


People bring Sebastian bones all of the time - mostly those rawhide bones and he does not eat or chew them.  He stores them away (somewhere) in the house and then when it is time to go for a w-a-l-k it is suddenly in his mouth.
The scenario is always the same.  He looks for THE best place to bury the bone.  This can take FOREVER.  He tries digging, decides that the soil conditions are not quite right, moves on, almost buries the bone, changes his mind and digs it back up, moves to a different spot and then finally buries it.

Weeks, and sometimes even months later - after the fermentation process has set in just so - he goes right back to the spot and digs the bone up.  At this point, the rawhide has turned to a soft, pliable, wet, dirt encrusted substance that makes him happy as all get out.
There is nothing to be done once it is in his jaws.  And INVARIABLY when he gets it in the house he drops it on the floor (usually on an oriental rug) and a TON of dirt and gross wet stuff are spilled all over and the vacuum needs to be brought out (did I mention that this part only happens at night?) just when you thought you were gong to bed.

So after a few years of this I learned the trick of catching the darn thing as he dropped it, taking it to the kitchen sink, washing it off with super hot water, and giving back to him.
This turned out to be a rather satisfactory solution to a rather nasty problem that was not going to change.  Sebastian now waits for me to catch it and then sits next to the sink waiting and wagging his tail for his gourmet grossness.

So this past week, the day Fr. Simone was on his day away, I took the dogs on their last airing out of the night and Sebastian came trotting up with the typical limp thing in his mouth.  A former bone I figured but it was dark.

We came into the dark house and I placed my hand under his chin and he dropped it.  We went over to the sink and I started running the hot water over it.
I reached over and turned on the light.
It was a rabbit.


Father Christopher said...

Those whose routines we think we've figured out and can count on often seem to find new ways to surprise us. That's a great lesson to stay on your guard!

Anonymous said...

Read this today. Wow!

Barry said...

Sebastian has you well trained!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

lgreen515 said...

Bwaaahh hah hah!!!

Matt W said...

I was so hoping it was going to be a squirrel.