Friday, February 12, 2016


At various times on this blog we have talked about how to obtain art.  Yesterday was a focus on going to galleries.  An Anonymous commenter sent in the following addition:

As an artist, I have to comment. Every artist starts somewhere. There are art leagues and clubs in nearly every city and county. Nearly all of these groups have at the very least, annual shows of their members' work. These artists are the 'roots' of the artist's life and work. This is where you find the up and coming. This is where to actually meet the artists closest to their own elements. Look in arts section of your local newspaper or on line. You can find a small show most any weekend. In our area most of the openings are on Friday evenings. That is when to go--the artists will be at the receptions, and we love to talk to someone new about our work. The work will be impressive, affordable, and you might even get a glass of wine. Don't just support the arts, support local arts.


lgreen515 said...

Summit County Art Space.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% - the one big arts venue in Akron is the Summit Artspace - google it and you will find many interesting things going on . Also check out