Thursday, July 9, 2015


I don’t know about you but I could use something lighter today.


On NPR this week they are running a series about adults reading from diaries they had when they were kids so I decided to get out my "Five Year Diary" from 1977.  I was 11 years old and it was the first diary I ever kept.  I learned the following:


1.      I had terrible handwriting back then too.

2.      I had little patience for writing back then too.

3.      I was just as terrible as my father concerning the giving of details.


Still, it was fun.


Jan 6    “Dear Diary, this month I am working on a bulletin board and mainly I think I am the only one doing the work!”


Jan 9    “Dear Diary, today we pinned up the bulletin board.”


Jan 10  “Dear Diary, today I got assigned to another bulletin board.”


Jan 31 “Dear Diary, I am in love with Tammy in the 6th grade.”


Feb 19 “Dear Diary, Went to Rolling Acres Mall.  By myself!  With Andy and Steve.”


Feb 23 “Dear Diary, Mom watched me serve Mass today!”


Feb 25  “Dear Diary, Expecting a nightmare!  (Tell you tomorrow!)


Feb 26 “Dear Diary, Did not have a nightmare.”


March 23  “Dear Diary, Served a special Mass today and only made one small mistake!”


March 24  “Dear Diary, Girls are starting to like me!”


March 25  “Dear Diary, I’m in love with Lisa Kindle.  (Nobody knows.)”


March 28  “Dear Diary, Had a lady for substitute teacher today.”


March 29  “Dear Diary, I like the substitute teacher!”


March 30  “Dear Diary, Hate the sub teacher.”


April 15, 1977, “Dear Diary, Jenny got a new swing set.”


April 15, 1978, “Dear Diary, 1 anniversary of Jenny getting swing set.”


April 16, 1977, “Dear Diary, Jenny put up swing set.”


April 16 1978, “Dear Diary, SHE NEVER PLAYS WITH IT.”


Marie M said...

Ohhhhh Father. You are busted. I think I know who Lisa "Kindle" is. You will have to bribe me to keep me silent. Be careful what you post on the internet even 38 years later!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is priceless. Thank you.

Cyndy said...

LOL You are a very courageous person!