Tuesday, May 14, 2013


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "The important thing is not to think much but to love much."  St. Theresa

QUOTE II:  "Most of us would hate to have stand the test of real love, I dare say."  Mary Roberts Rineheart


From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter:  "Most Reverend Richard Lennon, Bishop of Cleveland has designated five parishes as pilgrimage sites in the Diocese of Cleveland for the "Year of Faith."  St. Sebastian is one of those parishes!  Read more here.

An article about what U.S. students lack when entering the job market was sent in this past week.  It may not seem that this is what the blog is about but in a way it is.  Many of the problems sited in the article are decidedly not in keeping with what it is to be a good Catholic Christian.  It is an attitude that we are attempting to fight against in our Catholic school and is one reason why Catholic schools are still important.  Read more here.

Speaking of kids:  Here is what they can achieve when you expect something great of them and they have the support of the community.  This is why I want to open a school of arts and culture at St. Sebastian.  (More to follow on that.)  2.48 minutes.  Read more here.

Mary sent this in:  "There's a fantastic new site, StrangeNotions.com, that was just launched today to promote an intelligent and respectful dialogue between Catholics and atheists and agnostics. "The implicit goal is to bring non-Catholics to faith, especially followers of the so-called New Atheism. As a 'digital Areopagus', the site includes intelligent articles, compelling video, and rich discussion throughout its comment boxes."  If you are like me, your first concern was "whose doing the talking on the Christian behalf?"  Here is the list and it is quite satisfactory.  Thanks Mary.

Ah!  That's all there is time for today!  Enjoy. . .



MaryofSharon said...

Oh my gosh! That chant by the Lyceum school (just a small local Catholic school, I think) is gorgeous! I sure hope more adult choirs, beyond just those at Extraordinary Form Masses, can learn to sing this stuff, too! What a breathtaking alternative to the saccharine, self-focused "hymns" of recent decades.

Can't want to hear more about the school of arts and culture! For some ideas you may want to look at St. Thomas More College's Way of Beauty program, their summer program, (and its founder, David Clayton's, "Way of Beauty" blog ), as well as the Institute of Catholic Culture, particularly their lectures on the Nature of Beauty, not to mention the Lyceum's Fine Arts Curriculum.

God be with you in all your endeavors to reinvigorate the greatly diminished sense of beauty to the Church! There are souls ripe to be brought back to Christ through the via pulchitudinis.

Anonymous said...

Mary WHO?

MaryofSharon said...

@Anonymous: I'm the Mary who suggested the StrangeNotions.com, if that is what you are asking about.

Before I'd fully reveal my "secret identity" I'd first ask "Anonymous" WHO? *wink* :)

Anonymous said...

At a neighboring parish, where I sometimes attend daily Mass, had a pastor for many years, who taught the school children (and congregation) to chant all the Latin responses. He had them turn to the appropriate page in the hymnal for the "Gloria". He did this only on Wednesdays, which coincidently were "Coffee and Rolls" days in the church basement. There was always a big crowd and full parking lot on Wednesdays. It attracted the homeschoolers, too. Now that the long-time pastor has been reassigned, the homeschool kids have taken over leading the song, and the Latin Wednesdays continue, if I am not mistaken.