Monday, May 27, 2013


This past Sunday after my homily, returning to the celebrant's chair, I led the people in the Creed.  "I believe. . ."  Many said it with some meaning but there were those who mumbled through it, stared at the ceiling, or simply did their best to live through it until it was over.  It was wonderful and we are so lucky!  This has not always been the case and in many parts of the world it is still not the case that reciting the Creed can be taken so blandly that we can be bored by it!  From Christ, to the Apostles, to St. Sebastian (our patron) to Christians in unfriendly countries this day, the Creed means the loss of life.  But because somebody died on a battle field and was not able to come home to become a veteran we can say, "I believe in one God . . ." in peace, freedom, and security.  I pray for you soldier and will continue to boldly live my faith - the privilege you gave me.

From the entire staff of Adam's Ale:
A happy, holy, and safe Memorial Day to you.

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