Tuesday, March 20, 2012


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Catholic dogma is amazingly optimistic and realistic about human nature.  One the one hand, it does not deny sin, but on the other hand it rejects the position of other sects and movements that say the heart has blackened.  The Catholic doctrine of man says human nature can be misdirected, but since it is made by God it cannot be destroyed."  David Fagerberg's "Stereoscopic Sight" in Gilbert Magazine

QUOTE II:  "Making a child safe involves . . . more than just avoiding the things that might harm him.  After all, even a pea can be shoved up a nose.  But that doesn't mean peas should be avoided."  Nancy Carpenter Brown's "Teaching Negatively or Positively"  in Gilbert Magazine

IN OTHER NEWS:  (Let's see how much of my inbox I can empty in the allotted time!)

Fr. D. has another great blog post on Word on Fire.  Check it out here.

CONGRATULATIONS!  The St. Sebastian Chesterton Society now has a sister organization in Cleveland!  They had their initial meeting of the Cleveland Chesterton Society, on Sunday March 18th at 3:00 PM in the GK Chesterton Rare Book Room at the Grasselli Library on the campus of John Carroll University. "The library is fully handicapped accessible, with an elevator near the front door. The Chesterton Room is on the second floor. There is handicapped parking on the southern corner of the library. (Most of the university is oriented on a SW to NE axis, so most of the buildings face towards NE, SE, NW, and SW and have N, E, S, and W corners.) 

"The Chesterton Room is the Grasselli Library's rare book room and the curator has to be present when the room is open. Future meetings will probably be in some other room in the library. If you get a chance, please express your gratitude to Chuck Zarobila, the room's curator, who is giving up part of his Sunday so that we might meet in the Chesterton room."

For more information contact Mr. John Hissong at hissongcle@aol.com  or if you are closer to Akron and want to participate in the Chesterton Society, click on the Chesterton picture at the side bar.

Thanks to RB for this video treat.

From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter: "Friday, March 23rd at Noon, citizens across the country are being asked to gather outside federal buildings in cities throughout the United States to "rally" in defense of religious freedom and stand up against the Federal Health and Human Services mandate requiring Catholic institutions to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception."  For more information look here.

From the same source:  "If you ask Jack Hannahan what he's thankful for, be prepared to listen for a while.  Hannahan, 32, has plenty to appreciate, starting with the realization of his dream of playing in the major leagues."  Read more here.

From the same source concerning the closing of parishes Bishop Lennon states, "As indicated in my previous statement, I promised to inform you when I had received from the Vatican Congregation for Clergy decrees associated with parish appeals. The decrees arrived on Wednesday, March 14, 2012."  Read more here and you will know exactly as much as I do.

Thomas sent in this cool sight to listen to pipe organs being demonstrated.  Thanks T.

Saint Sebastian School in the news!  Read more here.

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